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Travelogue diary- Yawn, where am I, again?

The only clue as to where I am, is when i opened my eyes and noticed the ceiling. 

Sometimes, its wooden, sometimes, its zinc, sometimes, its so posh nosh, it has chandelier lights and beautiful intricate designs, sometimes, its just plain old ceiling with its past histories engraved.
Oh God, my body stretches and cracks and lay motionless for awhile.
I will take a good 1-2 days to heal fully from my adventures. This is where all the gadgets are flung as far away as i possibly can. For these two days, rain or shine, thunderstorm on the outside whatever, I stay quiet in the room. No friends or family can bring me out or “dares” to break my sleep (im cranky when i do not have enough sleep) and rest. Gotta still my mind. A break is all i need and after that I’m good as new.
It felt like I was teleporting myself into various realms. Yawn….
After watching Divergent in the cinema, my mind became a movie on its own. I let it run on its own movie mode.
Ok, as mentioned the BIG shift is here. Im not referring to the Universe or something. I meant my life, and it can be seen thru my blog. 
I’m gonna take my time to arrange everything. But the 3 categories are still here: Food, travel and life.
I need to isolate myself. I dunno where to go. I felt like the sotong (squids) need me ( to eat them) in Terengganu and at the same time, my heart yearns to go to other continents. 
But anyway, if there is a time when silence blankets over this blog and its social sisters, that means I’m having fun in isolation. Probably watching sunsets, sunrises with my soulmate on a beach, feeding the mosquitoes in a jungle or perhaps…nowhere. Lol.
Its fun to write with no agenda, no filter. Just write.
But at the same time, there seems to have no brakes. So erm…
They said we live in a world of duality.
As much as I love to have fun and meet with people. There are times, i just want to hang around in my pjs and do nothing. I still will meet with people (cos i love peeps!) but for no particular reason. Just be, blend in and stay there. Until I’m ready to face the world again.
I felt like I’m running some kind of reality show. Hahaha…
Running away soon,

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