Travelogue -The BIG shift…

No one is a one stop shop.

I thought there is such a wise beardy person . Probably he meditates under an old shady tree or something. I thought I  can go to him with my challenges and he will grant me a magic wand to solve them all. Lol.

In life, everyone is finding their own way of life. Learning from everyone they meet and embracing those methods that are applicable to them. Even so they will not know whether it’s the right method or route but they have got to have the courage to try it out. 

Same as entrepreneur. No matter how experienced a person is, he/ she does not know what’s going to happen next. 

He/she is constantly looking out to learn and apply. Everybody has something to give and teach and also something to learn in return.

We may have similar life experiences and faced similar challenges but no two persons are alike. 

I have learnt that I have to start shaking hands with people I meet in order to know who are willing to embrace my hand and walk this journey with me.

There are different kinds of handshakes. In Islam, men and women are not allowed to shake hands unless they are family or married. But at the same time, in the western world we are encouraged to greet each other thru handshakes. It’s impolite not to embrace another handshake.

I used to say no politely but then I was taught not to embarrass another who has no knowledge of Muslim’s way of life and etiquette.

I will not be the one initiating the handshake unless the other party already puts out his hand. 

But that is me. There was a time, I wanted to wear skin coloured gloves for this type of predicament. It just don’t work well in our all time summer season here.

But back to the topic, I was not referring to the real handshakes. I meant handshakes, literally. 

I have learnt that I gotta shake hands with as many people I can to source for the people I need. If I do not get out and meet people and shake their hands, how will anyone know that I need a team?

I still got to do the actions, right?

Good intentions plus visualisations with added emotional feelings are seriously a great start but actions are also essential.

I slack for a moment. Hectic ness lull my senses. I forgot my daily balance. I got clogged up in my thoughts and writing. So to remedy that, I opened the flood gates. Got to find the heart and soul again .

Yes, this is the temporary period where you can see that I’m human. If you prick me, I bleed (kinda remind me of Shylock in my literature school days)

I’ve also been very open in traveling with myriad of people. I am adaptable. Got to do this to understand my own style and tolerance. And also to know what type of traveling companions I’m looking for. Of course to learn my own weakness and effect I have on others (haha! I can be a pest sometimes but mostly I’m a dear, really) .

I met many fans along my journey. I applaud your bravery to say hi to me and chat.(See, I don’t bite, right?Unless u look so yummy like a fried chicken, I may want to try… Hehehe) 

Give me a moment, as I set my thermostat right.I know that I do not have to reveal a lot of stuff about me. But I have to do this to embrace my own being. 

I used to worship perfectness. But now I realized we are all perfect in our own way. It’s ok to make mistakes. Get up and learn from it. 

The BIG shift is here. Got to learn to maneuver it. Big thoughts, big abundances, big events need big energy. Need great mindset, great attitude. 

I have learnt that positive thinking is not just about thinking positively 24 by 7 …100% all the time. But to embrace all thinking – there are no good or bad, we are the ones segregating them into categories.

And whatever happens around you, is happening within you. No more complaining, blaming etc but to solve it from within. 

I trust that my fans are highly intellectual people with good positive mindset. We are here to learn from one another right? So am I. You and me are no different. We are students of life. 

Ya know what? This is just half of what I’ve written on this comfy double decker massaging coach. Cos the rest got erased unintentionally. Oops!

But ya know what? Everything is perfect. Everything that happens has a good reason.

Traveling solo is never alone cos I got you to write to.

Thank you, readers. 

Whenever I’m weary, you cajole me into my passion again and again. 

My prayers are with you wherever you go. 

Love ya,

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