8 Singapore’s Best Halal Food I cannot live without

Thank You, Seyed Hammad… an awesome fan who wrote to me to motivate me to complete this blog post which I’ve neglected.

Whenever I'm feeling blue, some of these are my comfort food...

1) Chinese steamed Chicken Rice

My favourite homecoming food. They never failed me, always good and fresh. 
I love the mild fragrant rice grains, the juicy steamed chicken 
(opt for Chicken thighs, ooh la la, extra cost, of course) the fresh chilli 
sauce and fresh ginger garlic dip , chicken soup and lastly the mini pineapple
cuts and pickled cucumber to remove any "jerlak" taste.
I always order a side plate of chicken liver and gizzards. 
Always clean and thoroughly cooked.( Ya know in some stalls,
you can see the greenish thingy and some bile and blood 
in these inner parts , I don't like it. But here, I've not 
seen any of that. )
  • Stall Name: Fitra Food Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Location: Food Republic @ City Square Mall
  • (Near Mustafa Centre)
  • Address: 180 Kitchener Road
    #04-31, Singapore 208539
  • Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
  • Best time to come: 10.30am -8.30pm
  • Air-conditioned Food court.
  • Halal-certified

2) Chinese Beef noodles soup

Whenever I come back, I'm always looking forward to this rich broth of 
steaming bowl of beef soup. Sometimes with noodles of my choice, 
sometimes just plain soup. And I will choose a very luxurious set 
of 3 beef parts or more. Cost about $8. But if you are unlike me, 
normal bowl will suffice, then the cost will be about $4.50-$6.50.
I love the springy tender beef tendons. And I absolutely adore their 
vinegar dip. I used to add loads in the soup especially when I'm having cold. 
Oh, btw, the chef hails from Hong Kong. I've met the owner, 
a nice guy who is passionate about what he serves to his customers.
What I don't really fancy are the beef balls. Quite disappointed with 
it really. I've tasted better, somewhere. I only come for the soup, 
meat and tendons. The soup makes me feel cosy and "loved".
  • Stall Name: Brisket King Beef Noodle
  • Location: Food Republic @ City Square Mall
  • (Near Mustafa Centre)
  • Address: 180 Kitchener Road
    #04-31, Singapore 208539
  • Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
  • Best time to come: 10.30am -8.30pm
  • Air-conditioned Food court.
  • Halal-certified
The fried chicken came in generous heaps (as always) and was crispy 
on the outside (Malay called it "garing") with all the "Malay" spices. 
The flesh was juicy and tender. Even the breast part was a delight. 
And they have this tiny heaps of fried “floury” thingy like specs of 
snow generously showered upon the fried chicken. Some customers love them.
And I love the fried gizzards and liver, they were fried with garlic 
skins and some spices like coriander, cumin etc thus the fragrance.
The rice served was warm and fluffy. The chilli sauce/dip is perfect 
for me. What I love is the additional black soya sauce in the chili 
sauce.(unique). The cucumbers slices and salad leaves served were fresh 
and crunchy,not bitter at all. The chicken soup is ok.
Read my full review here:
1) New shop at new location in Whampoa.

  • Stall name: Mat Noh and Rose ginger fried chicken rice (previously known as Mat Noh Chicken Rice from Lorong Limau,Whampoa)
  • Location: Block 91,Whampoa Drive,01 -27, Hawker Centre.
  • Phone:84002206.
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 8am-4pm.

4)Indian Naan and Paya

I used to hang around the Bangladeshi workers just to sniff out their 
favourite food hangouts. I found this one hiding in a corner shop, and 
I have never revealed to anyone other than my closed ones...
Their naans are simple but they are only made when ordered. And its by
I love the fluffiness of the naans. And the paya, OMG is just tender 
and non-spicy gravy is yummy. Love the atmosphere whereby no one gives 
a damn about anyone else. So be messy if you have to, its the right place to be.
The price range of the food is cheaper than anywhere else.

For more Paya-licious reviews…

  • Stall Name: Ahmed Khan Restaurant
  • Location: 197 Kitchener Road
  • (Beside Komala’s Restaurant, facing City Square Mall)
  • Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
  • Opening hours: 11am-11pm
  • Phone: 92206172
  • Non Air-conditioned Food court.
  • Muslim-Owned

5)Mediterranean Nasi Mandi

I only love their mutton mandi rice. Along the years, I noticed many 
changes in their food. But one thing that stays constant is the "love" factor.
 After I ate the rich fragrant rice, I can feel the "love" making me feel 
warm and tingly all over.
(ya know how you feel after you eat your Mommy's homecooked food? That is 
how I felt after eating theirs)
And I adore the mutton, tender and beautifully cook with the Mediterranean 
I went with the TV crew to feature it in Jus, one of Singapore Malay's 
entertainment show.
And below was one of my spontaneous video eating segment in my youtube...

  • Stall Name: Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice
  • Location: (previously from Bedok Corner) J’s Wok and Grill, 527 Bedok North Street 3, Singapore 460527
  • Nearest MRT: Bedok
  • Air-conditioned Restaurant.
  • Muslim-Owned


Favorite seafood place is a bit tough for me cos freshness is often 
a challenge. Normally I go to eateries nearest to my home. And that 
will be Newton Food Centre (only for sambal sting ray and chilli crabs). 
But because its a bit pricey and too tourisy, I chose to feature another 
hot favourite of mine.
This is a bit far off but its definitely worthy. I've been here many 
times and they never failed me. I love their hotplate beancurd, flour
 battered fried calamari and also the sweet baby squids, steam fish, 
the sambal sting rays are not bad and what else?
Basically anything new or old, most tasted good. So if you do not want 
to be disappointed, come here. You will be spoilt for choices.
The only thing I dislike was the venue. Can be hot and humid at times. 
And its faraway...for me.
  • Stall Name: Rasa Istimewa C2K Restaurant
  • Location: Chua Chu Kang Park, Chua Chu Kang Drive
  • Phone: 68771913
  • Opening hours: 5pm-1am
  • Non Air-conditioned Food court.
  • Halal-certified

7)Fried Spring Chicken

I grew up only remembering the joys of eating in Arnolds. Because 
whenever we come here its for a celebration. I remembered even as a child, 
I ate 1 whole spring chicken on my own on such happy occasions.
They change thru out the years. And I noticed that different branches
 have different levels of "spicyness/white pepper thingy" . 
But I still love coming here because they are freshly fried, they served
 whole SPRING chickens, and the chickens especially the breast are so yummy
 and tender. Its sinful definitely especially my favourite chicken skins,
 but its an enjoyment that I love once in awhile.
I have tried other western food outlets but none can compare to them.
I grew up with Arnolds, so I guess their brand is as old as me. 
(I think I'm much younger :P)

  • Stall Name: Arnold’s Fried Chicken
  • Locations: Main Branch
    810 Geylang Rd
    City Plaza #02-99
    Singapore 409286
    Tel: 6746 2372
    Fax: 6741 4172
Other Outlets-Yishun 10 and Hougang Green branches.

8) Malay style-Food

I love this laid back restaurant out of nowhere. At night, one 
always has trouble finding a seat. Its limited car park spaces 
and seating, does not deter food lovers to come from all parts of Singapore.
I love their fried chicken wings, it reminded me of how my mom 
used to make for me when Eid arrives. I cannot even described it. 
Got to try it and you will understand why, I can eat huge piles of it 
without caring about anyone.
Second is the Malay style Fried Noodles. This reminded me of 
the street hawker fare that I miss so much in Malaysia. I can also
 "personalised" my mee goreng by asking for some extra care and ingredients
 like- "basah"-moist, "pedas"-more spicy, "letak daging"-add beef etc
Definitely my favourite Malay Mee Goreng and a SUPPER hang out!!
And lastly is the sambal sting ray. Malay style. One can taste the 
difference between Malay and Chinese sambal through its taste. The "tumisan", 
the "belacan", the colour and the flavour is totally different.
As much as other races especially Chinese are now capable of whipping 
their own rendition of "sambal", I still prefer the Malay style. Its' 
like our birth right or something.
Enough said, come on down and taste it. I'm basically salivating as 
I typed out my experiences here. (need to mop it up :)
  • Restaurant name: Mas Ayu Restaurant
  • Location: 55 Upper East Coast Road,
    Singapore 255215
  • Best time to come: It’s 24 hours, but normally morning or after 1am, is less crowded.
  • Non Air-conditioned restaurant.
  • Muslim-Owned
    So there you have it...my top 8 favorites. Hope you enjoy this list.
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