Life is a game.

Just woke up.

On the bed, my eyes were wandering about.
Deciphering the location I was in.
Sometimes, i felt like a rock star on a tour.

Was staring at the ceiling outside the facade.
The blackish sooted ceiling 
was painted in fresh creamy colour.
Eh, when did that happen?
I guess, i had forgotten to share.
Months back, this block was on fire.
The neighbour that I barely knew 
was burnt to death.
Right below my unit.
I haven’t even recovered from the shock.
Death of any human being affects me greatly.
As usual, i was difficult to be contacted.
I was totally unaware what has just happened.
All i knew was that 
there were police and firemen around.
And when i came back, 
i was aghast at the mess of the house.
Luckily, my parents were around.
My father, the FIREMAN was a hero.
He was at the scene.
He smelled something burning, 
He started knocking on all the doors 
And waking everyone up to evacuate.
At the same time, he gave instructions to my mother.
Who then rushed down calmly with my boys,
At the same time, helped anyone in need.
At the time, all these were happening,
I was somewhere ,working.
I cannot even recalled, my location.
After everything had settled down.
Unfortunately, my neighbour 
passed away.
I looked at my elderly friends.
They were close to tears.
They have lost one of their dear friends.
Looking in dismayed,
When their time is up.
Loneliness, sadness clouded our corridors.
Their houses were partially affected.
Most of these elders live alone.
Their kids are all working elsewhere,
Some are posted overseas.
And in spite everything that happened,
I had to go to Kuala lumpur, 
the very next morning.
If it can be pushed forward, 
i wouldn’t mind.
But because i had given my word.
I have to be there.
To me , my word is a promise made.
I am so thankful
That my parents were there
In Singapore, on vacation.
I know, it sounded like 
i was irresponsible.
To leave everything behind,
In a mess, my two kids
And the home in disastrous mode.
No words can describe the help 
that my closest have rendered me.
I wished that i can repay them in this lifetime
But sometimes, too many to keep count.
I just looked up in the sky
I leave everything to my CEO,
The Almighty,
I believe He will repay them 
in more ways than one
More than they ever believed.
Ok, back to the topic
Of life is a game.
Everything in life
Is a game.
I was already in the game 
without me knowing.
I was standing tall,
Looking around
Why is everyone pacing 
and frantically searching
For something?
Why are they always in a rush?
Many times, i stopped them
And asked
But no one has the time
To fully understand my questions
And answered them in details.
Many a times, I saw body languages
Arms wildly waving towards a direction,
Showing me that way, this way
Nothing else.
My mentor told me
In life, it’s not just about reading from books,
Learning from those who have been there
But mainly the courage to go forward 
and make decisions
Regardless what the outcome may be.
Main thing, u got to go thru ur own wall,
To understand ur own life’s journey.
And in spite all challenges,
Friends and soulmates are there.
They hold the fort I am in.
I can crumble and fall
I can drown in tears
In my own time and pace,
Rest assured,
I will be up in laughters,
Soon enough.
He said…
You are a LEADER of leaders.
Remember that.
Although, I knew not understand 
what that meant,
That sentence kept playing over 
and over again in my head.
I am beginning to understand.
No one has the answer 
to my questions
Because in spite of what level 
every human beings may be
Everyone is still searching 
for their own way,
Their own mission,
Their own answers.
If it’s easy.
I would have just purchased
A 10 year series book of solutions
In any bookstore
To refer in case 
of any challenges that happened.
But i know and believed 
That every challenges already 
Have solutions in its place.
Just got to have strong determination,
And relentlessly moving forward.
For me,
I realised that i am in a different game plan
When i noticed that whatever I do,
Do not yield results.
And so I stopped in my tracks.
I watched the people around me.
I see how they do their stuff.
I learned to adapt and change fast.
But i also know one rule,
Do not, allow any of them to change
Your beliefs and mission.
Because everyone is doing their bestest
To live their life with what they know.
Everyone is different.
Because our life experiences may be similar
But its never the same.
I looked young.
I looked very immature.
As if life …
has not hit me with enough challenges.
You may have the titles,
You may have the wealth,
But no one has the right
To flick another 
human being like a cockroach.
I am open.
I respect people of all races, 
ages and religions.
But if you do not give respect
To your surroundings,
The people you worked with,
Or if you treat people according 
To the worldly ranks and designation,
Then, my friend, you shall be opting
For a rude awakening.
Nothing is permanent.
Because what goes around, 
comes around.
You may be up right now, 
But if you suck so bad, 
Rest assured, there will be a time,
You will be down.
Bottled emotions unleashed,
In a story of its own.
With hidden underlying messages
Of life only to be told
With riddles and rhymes
To clothe the bold.
Gonna sleep and heal
My travelling feet 
and weary heartbeats.
Everyone is a leader of their own life,
You make ur own choices,
If you are not happy,
No need to blame others,
Nor yourself,
Just do something about it.
Life is a game.
Have fun.
Do not forget to stop
And smell the flowers once in a while.
Be happy in what u do,
(4.32pm, 5/3/14
canoodling with my beloved fluffy bolsters n pillows on the bed 
in home sweet home, Singapore)
Remember, all these are told thru my eyes, my own life experiences. Whatever that is good from me, learn from it, share and spread it out, whatever that is not good from me, learn from it and, please, please forgive me. I am doing the bestest that I can, just like everyone else, with what I know and have experienced. 
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