I cried in the middle of a meeting.

I dunno what’s happening. The tears just flowed continuously. I tried my best to hold them back. I felt  so “sebak” . I felt overwhelmed.

I’m a cry baby but I hold my tears well especially since I was taught that in the business world, emotions are best kept at home.

Anyway, I told you that I’m gonna update you on my journey in creating my own show.

I believe I am independent but being a beginner entrepreneur in a vast country like Malaysia, it gives a whole new meaning to that word-independent.

I do have good friends and team here.  But I cannot be following everybody’s pace. I have to do something and efficiency is on my top list.

If I can have my own teleporting device, that helps a lot. I took public transport and also the trains too but some places are so remote, cabs are the best ways.

And I have seen a myriad of them here. I have been on a cab where the cabbie is sleepy , one that reeks of liquor at night and some who make me cry, and some who make me laugh and many more.

Taking a cab is a whole new experience every time. I will never know what or who I’m gonna get.

And because I’m a foreigner, not accustomed to their way of working yet, I stumble and fall many times even as I am just crawling, like a toddler.

I dunno where I am going with this.

All I wanna say is that, it’s not easy to manifest my dreams. Many times I felt like giving up. And slaps came in when the big players, the big brothers and sisters say NO to you.

And traveling around takes a toll on my energy as well. I’m adapting myself to as much changes to learn and be better, but sometimes, I crumble too.

So what should I do?
Throw in the towel after 7 years of blogging or continue moving forward?

In tears and hunger now,

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