Coming soon-In gratitude to the Yong family….

Warning: this blog post is not about Halal-certified or Muslim owned food/business. Knowing me, i am very curious about myriad food and hawkers.I want to know the heart of the story. I want to feel their passion. I know for sure, the challenges they faced are definitely inspirational. That is what i want to uncover and share with the world.

Being a traveller, I’m quite adaptable. I am also quite shy, seriously. But that no longer hinders me from having a good time. So I have learnt to remove the shyness, that can stop me from being myself in other people’s homes. When one invites me home, I make myself at home, anywhere in the world. So beware, future invitees….

I am in gratitude .
Thank you to….the Yong Family.
Who not only accepted me as their own, 
they allow me to do whatever I want 
in their beautiful home.
Freedom is something, I appreciates greatly.
Like Goldilocks, I felt guilty for eating their meals, sleeping on their beds, watching their TV, disturbing their “peaceful moments” at home, ransacking their fridge, wearing their clothes, finishing up their food n water supply, borrowing their helper, bringing in strays, eating noisily n messily, disrupt their yoga practice, adding in more sweets (and weight to their bodies) to the dining table, disrupting their healthy lifestyle….and many more crazy antics that I might have done. #lol (but i really, really hope they missed me after my departure hehehe) 
When one ask me to “make yourself at home”, those magical words transform me immediately. 
Anyway aside from that, I’m quite kay-poh (inquisitiveness is good, ok.) I love people. I just love to know about them. And somehow, I stumbled upon a gem. Yong family has an amazing street food knowledge and the best part is, they are a part of a best kept secret food trade for 60 years?!
To be continued…. 
(I did leave a trail of hints and tips in cos I’m updating my every moves LIVE!)
Heartfelt Gratitude:
I do not know whether i should call these awe-amazing people AUNTIES and UNCLES, cos they looked so young, but nevertheless….
Thank you so much to Eric, Shelly, Michelle, Kasih and especially Bryan for this homely stay and not forgetting the exceptionally amazing Mr Yip Heong Kow aka Kongkong, his beautiful and active spouse whom  we called Pohpoh, beautiful Shelly’s sisters, Ken and many more names that have escaped my lil mind. No words can express my endless gratitude thruout my never ending intrusion and unexpected stay in your homes thruout the months.
In spite of my maybe weirdness, craziness and my intrusion in your home, I am thankful that God has blessed me with your presences and your good intentions. Although we are not of same race and religion, you treated me like family. You guys taught me lots and teach me about unconditional love towards humanity.  Thank you for adapting to me. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to embrace a weary traveller like me. No words can really express my heartfelt gratitude. I hope the Almighty will reward all of you for everything that you have done for me and my team.Thank you.
If you want to know more about their rich heritage hawker stories…. (Photo inserted below),
do continue visiting for updates on this blogpost.

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