Sometimes silence is deafening….

As mentioned, I’m gonna blog as and when i feel like it. I will not stop myself cos I’m having trouble segregating.It felt like i was obstructing my own self expressions.

Sometimes when we stopped ourselves with our own self criticisms, we obstruct ourselves from letting out bottled emotions. As a result, it will continue to be blocked and then accumulates and one day, Kaboom! Either the heart breaks down or you are FIRED (from staying on earth).
I wanted this to be a full-bodied food and travel blog. But then, being the true me, that is just a little part of my life. The reason I wanted to blog is to find my voice again. So what good is this blog, if because of it, I’m muting myself, right?
Sometimes, silence is too deafening. I’ve got to unleash the voice within.
Like this song…. 
What do you have to say to yourself today?
Voice it out. 
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