The BIG why.

Bear with me.
Confession time.

Be open.
I embrace everyone
I accept myself.

Just came back,
from travelling.

Went to little India’s vast grassy field.
Lay on my back.
Witnessing the charms of the stars.

In gratitude.
Enjoying the cool night breeze.
Peaceful scenery.
With my kids.
Blowing the so-called “glow in the dark” bubbles.

I’m a mother.

Was a career woman.
Become a homemaker for 10 years.
Become a blogger.
A celebrity in her own right.
World Tour.

Come back.
Clueless how to live life.

Was alone.
Not anymore.

Travel is my breath.
Curiosity is my name.
Dying is too easy.

I choose to live.
I choose happyness.

No regret.
Blogger to TV.
Dream manifesting.
Watch me.

Live life.
The way you want it.
Because YOU deserve it.
-Lina Masrina.

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