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Nice-Monaco-Ventimiglia: Journal: Lost wallet is a blessing?

I believed and practiced the Law of Attraction. Its exceptionally strong (more effective- I also believed that a traveller’s supplication and prayer comes true asap) when I’m overseas.

That is one BIG reason why I dont watch TV or read newspaper and get involved with anything or anyone that spells out -NEGATIVE (negative according to me) .Got to watch what i allow myself to see daily, eat, hear etc… (It don’t matter if you agree or approved my actions cos I also believed that we create our reality)

I can travel with anyone but I can choose not to travel with just anyone. Because the partner travelling with you participate in your daily energy. Either he or she will enhance your energy or he/she will absorb your energy.So positive likeminded travellers is a top priority for me.
So I was embarking on a train to a faraway country. And amidst my happy whistling, I heard the train staff cautioning us to be aware of pickpockets.

Now, that abrupts my sudden happy flow cos Im imaginative and I relied greatly on visualisation. Whatever words that rudely interrupt me, will project an immediate image. I have yet to learn to safeguard and control my creativity and visualisations.I’m still learning ….

So while searching for a good “fengshui” window seat and trying to figure out where the train will move (cos if i choose wrongly, i might be travelling while seating on a backward motion)… my mind visualised my unexpected “encounters” with pickpockets thru out my world tour. So far, i was aware and able to slap their hands off my belongings.

But this time, i was in a daze. I thought this country is safe. Now with that new thought projected and pickpockets image link to it, i cannot release that image. It continued to plaque my mind for more than an hour.

Hours went by and soon , i have reached my destination. Im still fumbling with that pickpocket image in my head. My bag got stuck to a pram behind me. The mother was very close to me and i wonder why she never say something or even helped me untangled my bag.

I walked out of the train and the city is gorgeous and soon i forgot about the pickpocket thingy. As I wanted to pay for my drink, i realised that my wallet is gone. I am puzzled cos im not sure whether i dropped it or was I pick pocketed?

It was a new bag, i was not accustomed to securing it tightly. So it could be carelessness on my part.
But anyway, everything has a blessing.

I lost all my cards and a big cheque was coming in. I got worried. If it got banked in, the cards may fell in the wrong hands. And being a debit card, the money can be taken on international grounds anytime thru the teller machines.

But then I called my bank and found out that I had forgotten to bank it in. I was in a hurry to run my errands that I had forgotten to do it. Phew! What a relief.

Somehow, the Almighty has planned everything perfectly for me.
Im not upset or angry at myself or at the people or challenges faced.
I know that everything happens for our own highest good.

Now you wonder, how did i manage to travel around with no money or cards, right?
Secrets will be revealed in September 2014, insyaAllah.

I will share my secrets on how to travel the world, with no money in my pocket.

Oh, i just realised that I have only blogged about one third of the 37 countries, I’ve been to.

I need to stop and stay put somewhere like a cave to complete these entries…. Hmm.

Blogging on the move and in a rush.

Oh the blessing? I lost a sports wallet and got a Mont Blanc wallet as a gift after that loss.

So make the space for something good 😉 woohoo! Alhamdulillah.

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