WHQ 10 KG Challenge: Who is the winner?

Country: Singapore vs Malaysia
WHQ 10 KG Challenge
Prize: 1 week Japan trip (flight and accommodation)

Oh, ok the verdict of the challenge is that… I asked for a 1 month extension. Because I have been a very naughty girl lately. I’ve been EATING…a lot!

Suddenly, an abundant of projects which includes tables and tables of food feasts and food tasting with many sinful indulgences. Hmm… and I cannot allow food wastage. I rather they be “wasted” in my tummy than the bins. *lol.

Very challenging…suddenly right after I declare I’m on healthy weight loss challenge, all the projects keep pouring in. And in Malaysia, you can never say NO to their food. It’s totally super duper awesome!! I’m salivating now, reminiscing those yummy moments… (eh, wait I got few more to go this week. YIKES?! )

Ok, these are my excuses….yakkety..yakkety..yak… the lil voices are celebrating…



But anyway, this is my latest pic. 

I looked funny isn’t it? I know, I am. *lol.


For the rest of the contenders’ weight loss updates…let me sealed my lips, for now.
We shall reveal in a month later, ok? Kinda like the end of the year project…
For extension of 1 month, I will drink that YUCKY LEMPOYANG drink.
And if by any chance all three did not win the 10 kg challenge, the amount will be donated to charity that all of us agreed upon.
I apologised to myself (and to you of course, dear raving fans who have supported me in every weekly updates) for not delivering what I promised.
This has got to be one of the hardest ever…
Seriously, its like the whole Universe is happy to feed me.
No complains.
I am thankful.
The end. *lol.
Gratitude: Thank you to awesome Malaysian Halal F & B… sectors, hotels, restaurants, eateries, companies , owners, foodies, locals, strangers… for feeding me well, with abundant feasts after feasts… BURP! Alhamdulillah. May all of us be blessed with abundant and prosperous business, love, happiness, peace and success alongside good health and wealth (iman n taqwa) dunia akhirat. amin.

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt any of our challenges and follow through our “diets” or exercises without consulting your own physician or doctor. Do not try this at home or anywhere else. We are responsible for our own actions and hope you do, too. Our intentions are to encourage the world to be responsible in their own health and being by choosing to be healthier and fit. If we can do it, so can you!

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