The winner revealed…

Country: Singapore vs Malaysia
WHQ 10 KG Challenge
Prize: 1 week Japan trip (flight and accommodation)

Guess who is the winner?
Of course the Princess Warrior, yours truly.

I have lost 5 kg. And now maintaining it is a challenge.

I have to thank all those who have participated by supporting me and my craziness. My parents especially my mom, she actually opened her encyclopedia of herbs to educate me further on natural way of losing weight safely and my fireman dad who taught me the fireman daily european exercise regime. Never knew being a fireman is quite exhausting!!!

And not forgetting my tummy buddy, Bryan… whom I often wanted to strangle cos he subject me to some strenuous exercises everyday whenever we meet, especially during road trips. The trips we did really test my sanity and him pushing me to do exercises …are really breaking new barriers for me.

Imagine eating happily and then being tormented later on for the platefuls that I have consumed. #lol But nevertheless, I am thankful… He too has to handle a lot of my emo tantrums and also flying plates and fists. And of course, I also played a big part in him gaining weight as well. #lol (Thanks Babe.. for rooting me to the ground n make me focus on the challenge n also for eating 80% of the food we received)

#omg Travelling and taking care of oneself especially in this #10kg #challenge is really crazy. Super crazy especially if you are a food blogger and everyone wants to feed you with gorgeous food. Bringing an extra tummy is not gonna help because at the end of the day, everyone has to be responsible for their own tummy. 

Where got time, to exercise? I use that as an excuse every time… Bryan took that as a challenge. Before we start feasting, he make me do some butt exercises for a minute or two in public. #damn I look kinda funny but it feels good. 

I do not like to jog, believe me, I rather walk for hours than jog. And so that jogging by the beach in serene beautiful beaches of Langkawi, babe has to do it alone *I called him babe becos he called me dude..we both are somewhat each others buddies and enemies. He is my girlfriend and I his boyfriend. We both are same sexes in each other eyes, and NO, he is not gay although many gays are interested. #lol)  

Anyway back to the #challenge … 

Zaf, Kahar and I were also busy and sometimes we meet for empowering seminars and events #successresources and then when we meet, what do we do? Eat of course!! The road down KL to Singapore , we head down to one of Kahar’s favorite briyani in #batupahat…

 and then the roadtrip up KL, Zaf brought me to one amazing #ayam goreng berempah (authentic Malay spices fried chicken) tell me do I do this #challenge ?

Anyway, their last statements for this #challenge are:

Kahar –I am 65.1 kg. I would like to thank Zaf and Lina for your willingness to pay for my Japan trip! So, March 22nd to 30th then! 😀 Just kidding. My 74.4. Same as start

Zaf –Oh well today back to 110.3kg. 0.1 kg higher!

These past couple of weeks quite difficult to follow diet, a lot of rezeki from people who buy me food! Maybe should look for an alternative way of losing weight that is possible to follow even with Asian food.

Oh yes… I won. But we all will drink that Lempoyang drink, for sure. *Me because I extend the dateline. Im not sure whether I won the Japan trip cos I did not lose the 10kg as promised. But if that is the case, the money will be given to a charity on which all of us favors. Im not really doing it for the Japan trip cos I know if I want to go somewhere badly,I will do it definitely…and Tsukiji Market and onsen are a must in my list.

And thank to you to all others who find this as a #challenge to feed me gorgeous food. Its like Im on a challenge and you are also on a challenge to feed me… and ended up #feasting with me. Alhamdulillah, for the abundance of food. I do my bestest not to waste any.

With that being said and done, I still will continue to do my #10kg #challenge in my own #pace . I need my body to be light cos I have been travelling lots, and heavy body is not gonna help with all the luggage Im carrying. And of course, body is our vehicle, our most precious gift. 

I know Im of a #healthy #weight #range but being slightly slimmer and leaner will be great, isnt it? 

My only tip is that apple cider helps a lot. One table spoonful mixed with 1.5 litre of distilled water. Drink 1 or 2 bottles daily and you can eat anything you want. But of course, eat everything in moderation. And exercise is a must. I love to dance. And so I just do some routines and play bombastic high energy music. 30 minutes daily is sufficient. Main thing, it has to be consistent in which I have to put in extra effort for that with me running around the world and up and down Singapore and Malaysia. 

but I gotta do this, its for my own good cos I am definitely worth it!

Thank you for supporting us in our crazy challenge.

Hugs and kisses/kusjes


Disclaimer: Please do not attempt any of our challenges and follow through our “diets” or exercises without consulting your own physician or doctor. Do not try this at home or anywhere else. We are responsible for our own actions and hope you do, too. Our intentions are to encourage the world to be responsible in their own health and being by choosing to be healthier and fit. If we can do it, so can you!

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