Oh KL!

Thank you, KL!

Wow, its been ages since, I last “poured” out my thoughts. Opportunities knock and I endlessly open the door to each and every one of them.

It used to be ….that I blogged in my sleep.Now I was able to create such peaceful bond between me and my pillows that I had forgotten to blog altogether.

Anyway, the transition between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is lulling me to sleep but it agitates me that I was unable to sleep upon hitting long endless traffic peanut butter jams (i love to name my traffic jams) that seem to be like a never ending love story.

The last time I remembered (which was minutes ago) was that I nearly forsake my driver-friend in a middle of an expressway. I bet if I was the driver, I will leave my car in that instance of such irresponsibility-ness and throw my arms in the air as if I don’t really care… (Eh, kinda like a rap song).

Seriously, I gave standing ovations to the many Malaysians who can withstand this challenge as their daily part of life and embrace them well. Of course not forgetting the many drivers-friends (some chose to stay anonymous-U know who you are *wink) who have “entertained” me well thru out that “special” pulling-out my hair agitation period of my life. I applauded your every creativity and colorful body languages.

I’m not complaining. I’m just frustrated that my time is kinda wasted, doing nothing. I totally forgotten to breathe in and out and meditate in that point of time where I had no choice but to DO NOTHING.

And I did take the public transport like a good local citizen.I even make the best use of their free shuttle services, buses and their many arrays of train services. I went from the Mines, to PJ, to Setapak to Kuchai Lama to Kelana Jaya to anywhere possible just to avoid the congestions on the road. I proudly announced myself as the KL “walker”. The one who walks anywhere she wants …even when there was no pavement. *sigh

But thru this instance, we tend to remember the good stuff in our own country.The things we never give credit for, everyday. Such as transportation in Singapore and the location of my happy hometown which is so accessible that I can walk to the Merlion, Arab street, Esplanade, Marina Bay, Orchard Road and even to the financial districts and many more.

I think I worked too hard (eating and traveling is my main profession)that I have a challenge in cherishing the seconds that ticked by and the friends who sat beside me driving me around, entertaining me with their crazy singing and dancing (in the car, really?!). I was focusing on the work still left back home rather than enjoying the NOW.

Oh well, as I confessed to a restaurant PR recently, my metabolic rate increased whenever I got stuck in a jam. So, hopefully that aids in maintaining my “good prosperous” figure and health. LOL.

And then the internet speed…OMG. Another challenge. So used to the fibre optic high internet speed back home, I was pacing up and down, right and left, turn round and round just to send an email from anywhere, free wifi, paid internet, hotels, coffeehouses… I think its not them, its ME.

“Chill lah”… as one of my happy go lucky mat would have said… “I dunno how to”….I replied.

Im so used to the fast pace of getting work done efficiently, always early for appointments (and here I became an expected late comer, no matter how early I leave to reach the destination) , doing everything in a blink of an eye.

But somehow, these challenges made me stop for awhile and reshuffle my steps. In fact, I resigned myself to fate when I got lost in a residential area without being able to exit or get any transport out of the place.

In fact some of my Malaysian friends are so accomodating that I do not know how to even thank them! I think they can see the BLANK expression on my face. I blanked out when I’m stressed. How can anyone be stressful at doing nothing? Im quite concerned really.

I felt that three quarter of my time spent here is mainly on moving around. I should start saving for a helicopter. Lol.

Actually, we might be neighbours but seriously, I do not really know Malaysians that well until recently. One have to sleep in their beds to understand them more.

As I stand here on a 37th floor of an apartment which I called my third home… I looked at the gorgeous night scenery and bless all those souls who are still stuck in the traffic jams around the city.

Fascinatingly, I love Kuala Lumpur. Because of all these challenges, I became closer to the locals and understand their environment more. I felt that ever since, I’ve been thru these challenges like the locals, they embraced me as their own. I’ve had some asking me whether I starred in any movie or drama (aww…so sweet..*blush blush).

I’ve got smiles and tips and even words of wisdoms from many strangers. I even watched a local musical and even got a blacked-out experience while watching a movie in a prominent cinema in the city. Priceless.

The sinful street food gorgeously whispered my name in every corners of pasar malam/night markets. And I accept them all…. Lol. But soon, the zipper of my jeans might explode.

Locals hot favorites are beyond my imagination…
From one of the bestest lavish abundant seafood Mee Curry (Thank you Kishore!) to the virgins of chickens freshly fried in deep coated spices (Thanks Zaf!) and not forgetting the sweet scent of Shisha (Thank you, Elaine, Hans and B!) , Baskin Robbins and many more ice-cream indulgences (Thanks Crystal, B, Ridz and Mohsen!) and high-pitched laughters and tears accompanying every dining experiences , the awesome wedding crasher experience (Thanks Nad n Dzul n family), the Thai feast ( Thanks Thai Express!) , the chicken feet nasi padang immersion (Thanks Song!), the chicken feet durians (Thanks Danial!) and many more weird yet zany food addiction and not forgetting my fascination in finding the best fried MAGGIE GORENG and crispy crepes.

Oh I did meet some extraordinary personalities like comedian Syuib and gorgeous singer wife, JJ Lim, the singer and tons of his excited fans, Hans Isaac, Awie, Maya Karin, Ning Baizura and many more whose fancy names escaped my memory (sorry).


In the day, I watched the restless traffic goes by….at night, I felt like the city is rocking itself in sweet lullaby in gratitude of its people being the best that they could, with what they know …applauding them for their bestest effort.

Oh well, what can I say?
I’m slowly falling in love with this gorgeous city and its fantabulous people.

Thank you for reading my spontaneous ramblings…

Nitey Kuala Lumpur!

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