WHQ Family-welcomes Alice Tan!

 Who is Alice?

Alice is one extraordinary woman whom I met amongst the many empowering events held in Singapore.


A very determined, resourceful and positive minded lady who believes that everybody has great potential in them. Goes in line with my beliefs.

We clicked very well. She is like a mother and a good friend . My mother and I are the bestest friends and I missed her badly when she moved. I’m thankful that I’ve met with Alice. When the going gets tough, she lends me her ears, shoulders and definitely boxes of Kleenex for my tears.

She has this motherly instinct and is always taking good care of me whenever wherever especially when we travelled together.

I remembered one time, I was crewing for one of the big events and I was busily running around. But before that, I just came back from Malaysia.

And so, without me realizing it, my energy was depleting fast. Alice was one of the participants. Bryan was the photographer and Zaf was also the crew.

Alice came and brewed us some ginseng drink. It came in a thermos flask. No one asked her for it. She initiated it herself.

She gave me the flask, in fact she asked all 3 of us to share but I ended up drinking it alone. (So sorry guys, it boost my energy immediately that I’m addicted to it. Lol!)

And whenever I felt like having some Chinese tea or brew like her homemade Chrysanthemum, she will do it for me. It’s not easy to brew a good chrysanthemum tea,ok.

From what she told me, she went in search for the best grade and quality of ingredients including the rock sugar and honeycombs and definitely the chrysanthemum flowers themselves.

Like Bryan, she is another soulmate who understands me. Sometimes when I’m down like telepathic connection, she can sense it even when we are in different countries. Just like my mom.

Well, I’m grateful that she is with me on this journey.

She will be creating travel events for WHQ. She is one of very few people who believes in my dreams even without seeing it, yet.

I acknowledge her and her beautiful presence in WHQ.

(updated 2015: Since Lina often has overseas projects, we no longer create events and no longer focusing on Singapore Halal travel/food/restaurants. Thank you.)

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