WHQ 10 KG Challenge:Fifth and Sixth week updates.

Country: Singapore vs Malaysia
WHQ 10 KG Challenge
Prize: 1 week Japan trip (flight and accommodation)

Congrats Zaf for leading!! woohoo!

Thank you to Zaf Abbas for these wonderful charts and tabulation! Hi-5!

The 5th& 6th Week.

Things are going smooth. I am back on track… Until something else pulled me off track.

Work. My beloved work.

A few disasters occurred at the wrong timing. I had to work late into many nights. Tiredness, sleepiness and in some parts confusion consumed me.

Yet, I was able to keep strictly to the diet and discipline! The power of focus and determination. Focus from wanting to travel to my beloved Japan. Determination to succeed at whatever it takes.

Today, a student of mine taught me a diet she did that helped her release 17kgs in 2 months!!

Now it is a work in progress, under planning and construction. Once I got it, you will all get it. Savvy?

Kahar Saidun
Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Leader
Hayyalal falah


It’s the end of the 6th week and after a month and a half of worry, it looks like I’m leading for the first time! Oh yeah! The last few weeks were quite disruptive for all of us. After I got through the plateau on week 3 by having binge days, my weight was steadily dropping. The last few days of the 6th week saw my weight sawing to and fro, but with the average gradually getting less as time went on.

Kahar and Lina seems to have picked up steam as well lately. Lina has vowed to transform into a super-heroine. That would be funny except she sounds deadly serious! I dare not laugh. If it’s one thing I know, it’s never to anger a super-heroine! Kahar is back in his daily routine and looks set to get back in control of his food intake.
I had just finished reading the August 2013 issue of the National Geographic magazine. There’s an article there called “Sugar, why we can’t resist it” (free registration required) which really confirms that for long-term health, most of us should avoid sugar, and by extension, foods easily convertible to sugar.
But National Geographic is not the only source reporting on the dangers of fructose. CBS News also reported on how fructose makes our brains not recognise that it is full, thereby causing us to overeat. The video on the same page also reports that at least a significant portion of fructose is directly converted to fat.

Watch also the other video on the same page titled “Is sugar toxic?” linking sugar to a host of ailments including obesity, heart disease, hypertension, elevated levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and even some types of cancer. Cutting out sugar and carbohydrates, then, would reduce the risks of these diseases.
So while Dr. Robert Atkins’ (of the “Atkins Diet” fame) theory that we should cut out carbohydrates almost completely was not accepted by the medical community at large at the time, it seems more recent research are showing that he may be right after all.
Fructose is fruit sugar. The sucrose we use as table sugar consists of half glucose and half fructose. So how healthy are fruits? A single fruit does not contain the amount of fructose that you’ll find in a sweetened drink or in many of the foods we consume daily these days. Fruit also has fiber, which slows down the absorption of fructose into the gut, therefore reducing the effects further. Fruit, should be ok to eat, but in moderation.
Many doctors and especially nutritionists should update their knowledge at once. Recommending people cut out fat instead of sugar appears to be causing the exact opposite effect that they were hoping for.

Zaf Abbas

Recently, my schedule seems to be very much colourful with loads of travels and events. So much so, whenever I close my eyes, I wake up mostly in Malaysia.

So how do a World Halal Traveller lose weight while eating and travelling at the same time? Fatigue will sets in as what Kahar mentions in his work haphazard…but its a job we both love doing!! 

And currently, I’m blogging away from home, on a lil island… some called it Paradise….I called it home. The locals are just super-fantabulous.  

The sea greeted me everyday at my door step. I love the sea. I was not called “Putri Berendam” for nothing, ok? I have this craziness to jump into water whenever I see one. It’s therapeutic.

The seafood are gorgeous. Everyday, I was served with the freshest menu from the sea. I try to avoid carbo (thanks Zaf for the reminder!) But I have to balance it out. Loads of water is a must. It’s kinda hot and sunny here. I’m getting tanned by the hour. But I love the sun!

I know, there seems to be additional weight. They don’t believe that I can do it. But I know I can. Action speaks louder than words, right? We shall see… Yes, Zaf..never make a “SUPER-HEROINE”… angry *lol 

And the best part is, the ones around me are becoming aware of their own weight and joining in the fun! They are also researching more about healthy food and exercise and am aware of their own body… and they too lose weight steadily alongside with me (they are more focus than me) woohoo! I love that!

I am happy.

Whenever I am happy, I lose weight easily. But this time round, let my body adjust to the crazy schedule of my road trips. And I believe, I am the sole winner for that Japan trip! If not, I will buy my own ticket and accompany the winner. *lol

Ok, let me ham-mocking myself… to sleep. I love my life!


Live life,
Lina Masrina.
World Halal Traveller

p.s: Don’t envy me Zaf and Kahar… I did invite you both to join me, right? *wink



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