Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #15: FOCUS
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Good morning, awesome people of the world…
How’s your day? Hope it has been filled with loads of fun, love and happyness.

Today’s tip is FOCUS.

I remembered the first time I met with Abang Abu. He was casually dressed and so down to earth. I was feeling all jittery and nervous. Fancy meeting a MILLIONAIRE and get to talk to him up close.
Even though I have met many Millionaires even Billionaires (both locally and internationally), I will still be nervous and excited. And no matter how deep their pockets are, they are often so humble and nice.

Anyway recalling my first meet-up with Abang Abu, he taught me an important lesson: FOCUS.
When you are determined to fulfill your dream, you have to focus on 1 thing at a time. Give your full attention, mind, heart and your everything on it.

There will be challenges along the way that might sway you from your “destination”, that is why you have to stay focus no matter what.

Abang Abu gave me a challenge to fulfill. It sounded easy to focus but…oh boy…when I began, suddenly there were many other projects started to flow in as well. And the surroundings were also challenges. I had to really ground myself and focus.

I wrote my goal big and bold and paste it where I can see it often.  I also kept some in my bag, purse etc.

I told my family and friends so that they can remind me if I got out of focus and strayed from the “path” and might not reach my destination.

So remember , FOCUS is the key.
Whatever it is that you wanna do be it in MARRIAGE (LOVE) or MONEY (SUCCESS), you can do it!! FOCUS!!!

So my question for you today is…
What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams?

– Lina Masrina

May your life be blessed.
Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller 
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)


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