Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #14: I am loved by many.
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Good morning, awesome people of the world…
How many times, have we felt like we are totally all alone in this world?
Especially when challenges happen in our lives, we tend to submerge in that loneliness and drown in our own sorrows because we felt that we are alone and no one can help us.
Is that TRUE? Is that really, really true?
When MARRIAGES are faced with problems (I prefer to use the term “CHALLENGES) , “modern couples” nowadays preferred to solve them out by themselves. No intrusion of external parties even immediate families like parents/in-laws. They feel that they might interfere and add more conflicts and confusion to the challenge at hand.
Whereas in actual fact, there are many professionals and even family members (whom we trust and love dearly) especially elders who have gone thru life’s ups and downs who can see the whole challenge as an onlooker and give their thoughts and advice or participate as mediators.
When we faced with MONEY problems, the same can be said. There are many SOLUTIONS to every challenge. There are many people who are professionally experts in these matters. Just look at their lives. They are a walking success boards.
We are NEVER alone. There are many who LOVED us..some LOVED us more than we loved ourselves. Do not tune them out just because you do not want to trouble them or because of all the little voices in your head.
A friend recently was in trouble. She wanted help but she was afraid to voice out. She thought she was alone and kept her troubles to herself.
If she did not voice out, how do anyone knew her challenges and wanted to help her, right?
And also because she was raised as the one who solved other people’s problems and she was often seen as the “tough one”. This identity of hers stay intact in her skin and personality that she refused to ask for help.
Eventually, after I noticed her restlessness and her “unusual silent” mood, I pestered her and she poured out.
She is a single mother of 3 kids. She needs a roof over her head.But she refused to meet up with organisations who can be of help to her. In her mind, ” I’m not that bad, I still can survive. There are others who need more than me, let them serve these people who are worse than me”.
That was the “mantra” in her head. Eventually if she continues on, she will be worse than anyone else. She will not even afford a roof over her head and her kids. And might have to live on the streets. But do we have to wait till that happens?
I persuaded her to just apply and seek help from these “angels organisation” and see what happens.
I asked her to start receiving little kindness and be grateful for that.
At first, it was tough to change old habits. But eventually, she relented and try it out.
Now not only did the organisations helped her out by getting her a home for her and her kids, but also get her a job that she is passionate about and at the same time she is able to care for her kids as well.
She is now very happy, leading a fulfilling life.She also went out to meet other single parents and help them in anyway she can.
She told me that- “Actually, its ok to receive. I have been giving out so much that I have no more to give. And I have trouble receiving from others. But as I learn to receive little kindness for myself and my kids, more and more “rezki” (abundance) are flowing in. Alhamdulillah.”
So whenever you are down and felt so all alone, remember that is not true…and tell yourself that – “I am LOVED by many.” Look around you and be thankful for all the people in your life.
Accept and embrace all kindness be it small or big. Once you learnt to RECEIVE The small things, the BIG things start rolling in…without you realising.
The moral of this story is that if you cannot receive the little money and the little love in your life, how can you be sure you are capable of receiving the BIG money and the BIG love in your life?
Sometimes, we are so used to being self-sufficient that we tend to push away anyone who wanted to share/help us in our lives. I knew this too well because I faced these challenges as well. But that shall be another story to be told, another day, ok?
Take care,
You are never alone.
My love is for u wherever you are.
Love,live, laugh,
 Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller 
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)


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