Money & Marriage tips # 11

Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #11 Write it.
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Good morning, awesome people of the world…
Today’s tip on money and marriage is: Write it.


1) Money matters
Everyday, money flows in and out of your life. Do you keep track of it?
Even though you have  a certain amount of money for daily expenses and monthly spending, do you note every single cent you use, every day?

Do you keep a habit to have receipt for everything you do?
Everyone should do this. No need to wait until you become an entrepreneur to keep track of your money. You can start now. You can teach kids to do it as well.

a)Write a daily summary of what you spent before you sleep. 5-10 minutes is enough.
It’s really simple. For every cent that goes in and out, keep track of it by asking for receipts, and if possible, document it by writing it down or use those fancy apps on the market to keep track of your daily expenditure.

At the end of the month, tabulate it. And then compare with other months. See whether you can improve in some areas.

For example, I’m always moving. I often use public transport but if time is very tight, taking cabs is an advantage. So I ensure that every time I take cab, I will ask for the receipt. It became a habit so much so that not just for business but for pleasure, I will ask for receipt. This way, I will notice whether my cab rides are essential or not. And I will improve every month. And best part is…I do enjoy travelling by buses. the scenery, the people…so awesome!

2)Marriage matters.
In marriage matters, its best to note down important things you have learnt especially when there are exchanges of opinions and lessons learnt from every experiences.

I do carry a notebook everywhere. Even though I have my IPAD with me, I felt writing is essential in my life. Its therapeutic. And when you write, you focus with greater energy than in using IPAD or phone or whatever the new technology offers nowadays.

So in marriage, if you really wanna improve your love and relationship, do jot down every lesson learnt. And these ‘lessons’ often come unplanned. So be aware.

a)Have a daily night “couple” chat before sleeping. At least 30 minutes.
Share your daily life experiences and lessons learnt with each other. Jot these “gems” of life and take note of their lessons learnt.

2 heads are better than one. Do learn more from different eyes and perspectives.
So write different journals for different matters.
And revise it by often flipping through it.

May your life be blessed.Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller 
(have travelled to 36 countries and more)

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