Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #10 Don’t Complain.
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Blessed Friday:  Money and Marriage Success Tips.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: Don’t Complain.

Easier said than done, huh?
I’m currently doing a short stint of travelling via roadtrip in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah. The whole experiences is way beyond words. The gorgeous places, food and amazing hospitality and warm embrace from everywhere, caught me in awe and such tenderness of kindness melted my heart. I felt like I don’t ever wanna leave.

A traveller’s address is in her heart. If you bring your home everywhere with you, you will feel belonged, everywhere.

One thing I noticed…
When fatigue sets in, my mind became blurred and disarrayed. Rain is a bonus but not when you are carrying a 10kg backpack and sweating profusely underneath the scorching heat.(weird isnt’ it? Raining wet and still got burnt by the sun?)

Then the challenges sets in…because I begin to complain.
Amongst the starry, starry night and awe-mazing beaches of Malaysia, and not forgetting the beautiful full moon, I was focusing on what I dislike. I was enlarging on my discomfort of wet jeans and shoes, the mosquito buzzing in my ears, the sand flies etc… And then slowly, everything became a pain in the buttocks (pardon my language).

I was not able to focus on the “happyness” or the blessing of the “NOW” moment. I was focussing on the “negative” side and thus from then on, everything seems topsy turvy. Nothing seems to go my way. Bus drivers, the receptionist, the restaurant staff… and whoever that I met, do not seem to “like” my presence. Everything can be a quarrel.

Then as I became aware of what’s happening. I took a deep breath. I can feel my cheeks were flushed and warm. I was raging inside. I took a moment to calm myself. I went down to the beach to watch nature at its best. The howling of waves crashing…seems to be therapeutic.

Whatever the “lil voices” were complaining inside, I embraced them and said-”thank you for sharing” and show them the EXIT door.

I then, started to be aware of what’s going inside and outside. And as I changed the words of complain to positive gratitude. Suddenly, my journey became better.

Everyone began to smile and laugh with me. I was enjoying myself. Even the rainy weather seems to invoke the fun side of me.

I shall remember…in whatever circumstances, do not complain. But seek the best side of everything. Even in people, especially in MARRIAGE and MONEY.

One key recipe I have learnt- Everyone in this world is doing their bestest to live their lives the bestest way they could with what they already knew.

When you keep that in mind. Somehow, your heart becomes one with them.

Soulmates are very hard to come by. Your spouses are your partners. No matter what differences you may have. Just remember, they are doing their bestest to love you, to make you happy and make both of your life experiences be memorably amazing.

As for MONEY, do not complain about the lack. But give gratitude about its presence. Even if it’s one cent. It is still something. It’s a blessing indeed.

Everything in this world is energy. What type of energy do you want to be with?

I shall proceed on with my journey. I shall continue my ramblings with the moon. Meanwhile, every moment in life is a treasure. Do keep that in mind.

The key tip of today is that-Do not complain. You will only enhance your negative experience. Instead focus on the blessings in every thing. And you will attract more of it.

Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina aka World Halal Traveller 

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