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WHQ Malaysia: A Night Time Adventure.

A Night Time Adventure

Country: Malaysia

I had an Epiphany

It was a beautiful evening. I just had a home-cooked meal for dinner and was sitting down in front of my laptop sending out e-mails.

It started to drizzle and minutes later, drizzle turned into a proper rain. Someone up there must have forgotten to turn off the tap but the sound of the rain drops on my Astro’s satellite dish was rather soothing to the ears.

I’d take rainy days instead of a burning hot day in KL, anytime.

I then decided to take a break and get myself some after-dinner snack. Opened the first drawer, nada. Second drawer, nada. Third time should be a charm… I opened and…. NADA! After ransacking the entire food cabinet, nothing edible was to be found.
In the following second, I made a drastic decision: To drive out for food. Called up my friend and asked him along for the ride. He said yes and I picked him up. Initially, we had discussed to go to McDonalds for Apple pies but petrol had to be pumped first. While I was fueling up the car, I had an epiphany.

Earlier in the day, I read a quote that said:
“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G. K. Chesterton
A thought popped up in my head: “Why don’t I drive towards a place that I have not been, in years… on a road that I’ve never travelled before? It’s my country, isn’t it? Yet it feels so foreign to me, sometimes. Today, I shall take my first step in making this foreign country that I’ve been living for 23 and a half years, MINE.”

My friend asked if i was high on petrol fumes. His question was met with a laugh.
The Adventure
The digital clock spelled out 11.30pm. I turned on my GPS and switched to these settings : Avoid major tolls and major highways. Set its first destination to University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.
The reason for this location was because I haven’t been back there for more than a year now. I was starting to miss all those nights when I relentlessly burnt midnight oil to complete my last minute assignments. I spent an hour, reminiscing… visiting the fountain, toilets in different buildings and the computer room before we head out to our second destination…

Sepang Gold Coast. I wanted to go to a beach. My friend had no choice but to say yes because I was driving and he’s at least 40km away from his house. I told him that we’d have supper on our way there.

The entire journey consisted only of palm trees, single-laned roads and good ol’ Ella Fitzgerald songs. The drive was particularly amazing. Driving on old trunk roads at night was a very exciting experience for me. No cars, no lights and it’s hauntingly beautiful.
The Burning Car

By now, we have clocked in slightly more than 100km. As we drive on, we saw an unusually bright reddish orange blotch not far ahead of us.

The burning car.
It was a car on fire! I could feel the heat as I drove past it. I then stopped the car. I was worried if anyone was trapped inside. Luckily, one of the few bystanders told me, the driver managed to escape before it got serious. The reason being, the car engine was over-heated and burst into flames. I breathed a sigh of relief. I stayed on for a few more minutes to capture the firemen in action.

Fire fighters arrived on time to extinguish the flames 

By now, the flames had been completely extinguished

One of the fire fighters told me that the post-flame fumes was as hazardous as the flames itself.
The Supper

Back to our search for supper, we forged ahead and soon… Voilà! We found a restaurant that was opened. And it didn’t look too dodgy.

It read Usman Seafood
I immediately sat down and ordered various dishes offered on their menu. Bihun Singapore, Nasi Goreng Kampung and Daging Black Pepper. Unfortunately, I’m still not as “skilled” as Lina . I have a bad habit of fulfilling my empty tummy first when I’m hungry before I deal with anything else. And before I knew it, it was too late. I did not take the pictures of the first two dishes. They were gone as soon as it was served. 
Daging Black Pepper…It’s the only picture I took of the food.

So… you might have to use your imagination.

The Bihun Singapore served was quite wholesome for RM4.00. It had 3 sotongs, 2 prawns and a few pieces of meat with an okay amount of bihun on the plate (not enough if you were as hungry as I was). It was a little bit too wet for my liking but I can’t complain.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung was better. It did not have that burnt metal wok taste on most Nasi Goreng Kampung I’ve tasted so far. And yes, it wasn’t too salty. The serving wasn’t that generous too but for RM3.50, I have no complaints. Moreover, it’s a price that I could only get in KL back in pre-2008 era.

Last but not the least, Daging Black Pepper was priced at RM4.00. Dayum, the meat was tender and my friend and I were thinking that, when coupled with the black pepper sauce, it tasted like an excellent Ramly burger. I just wished they would give me a bigger portion. It had at best only a few pieces of beef, chopped long beans and slices of cauliflower.

Still, it was a good supper, though. Enough to fill us up for the rest of the journey to Sepang Gold Beach and back home.

We didn’t take any pictures there instead we drove around for 3 minutes and left immediately.

If you feel like taking a night adventure like what I did, the Usman Seafood Restaurant is located somewhere around here…

Pekan Salak
+60 17-335 0966 (Mr Zul)

Writer: Bryan Yong
Photographer: Bryan Yong

Disclaimer: WHQ doesn’t care how other foodies do it. We are not critics. We are simply food lovers who love to eat with all our senses and especially our hearts. We are not representing anyone. Halal is an act of individual’s responsibility. What we feast on may or may not fulfill your standard of halal. We are not responsible for your own tummy and bodily experience. Our intention is to make Halal a no.1 brand in the world for the world… in our own unique way. .

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