WHQ 10 KG Challenge:3rd week-What did I get for my birthday?

Country: Singapore vs Malaysia
WHQ 10 KG Challenge
Prize: 1 week Japan trip (flight and accommodation)

3rd week and counting…
Hmm, where do I start? *scratching my head.

Ever since I celebrated a birthday recently, I had been feasting non-stop… and then I set off for Kuala Lumpur…and guess what? More feast!! Should I jump for joy or start weeping goodbye to my prize- Japan Trip? Remember this is a 10KG weight loss challenge and not a 10KG weight gain, ok? *whispering to my dear self


Today, I just reached home in the wee morning…and I’m still digesting the food that I ate for the past few days in Kuala Lumpur. And here I am, reminiscing the sweet hours of the past food pleasures in KL.

I went down to KL for food and travel assignments and I also took the chance to “spy” on my friendly competitors to check upon their updates.

Zaf and Kahar – They looked slimmer… and I tried my very best to entice them with gorgeous food…

(Erm, Bryan, u are doing a good job in motivating Kahar to eat 3 plates of Tandoori Chicken… hi-5 partner! *lol)

But of course, after that, Bryan had to face the “wrath” of the “Sifu” Kahar…in Wing Chun Martial Arts  *lol

The generosity of KL people is too much for my tummy to handle. They LOVE to feed me! (I wonder whether they were bribed by Kahar/ Zaf or both?! hmm…)

Can anyone ever say NO… to Malaysian food haven?

And guess what did Zaf gave me as a birthday gift?
A DIGITAL weighing scale?!! Just what I need!! (Thanks Zaf !! )

Either his intention was to sync our weight altogether with the same  type of scale, or to remind me to weigh myself every day while going on a food spree (aww…so thoughtful) or perhaps, my daily updates of continuous whole number weight with no inclusion of any decimal point kinda create doubts in their mind *lol.

Few days later, they had to go for their Warrior’s Camp . And I’m still “bingeing” while focusing intensively on my food and travel assignments… (help?!)

I bet they will  lose weight due to the nature of the course… while I am happily piling up my weight with gorgeous food in Kuala Lumpur(YIKES?!)

So for this week, we will not update on our weights but will compile the 2 weeks of updates altogether, fyi.

Meanwhile, let me sleep and hibernate my thoughts of food …Mmm…yum… *drooling.

Loving every moment,
Lina Masrina

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P.s: psst…. the last time, I checked…my weight was 63.2kg…  *doodoodoodoodoodoodoo….  

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