WHQ 10 KG Challenge: First week updates.

 Country: Singapore vs Malaysia
WHQ 10 KG Challenge

Thank you Zaf, for these awesome informative tabulations!

The 1st Week.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Abu’z-Zinad from al-Araj from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The food of two is enough for three, and the food of three is enough for four.”
For the first few days, my weight was steadily climbing. Why? I had been following a diet of eating low glycemic index foods now for at least 2 to 3 weeks before the start of the challenge and had lost about 1.5 kgs during that time. Yet as soon as I start the challenge proper, my weight starts rising!
So why did I gain weight consistently for the first 3 days? Thinking back, my first day was especially challenging. My dear mother invited my family and me over for a breakfast of non al-dente pasta (high glycemic index!). The next day I had some briyani at Chappati.com.

Although the basmati rice used in beriyani is considered to have a medium glycemic index score, even the half helping I was having was enough to throw my glycemic load high, causing weight gain. The beriyani was good though!

On the third day, I had sprouted grain bread, which was supposed to have a low GI score, but perhaps the particular brand I was eating has a higher than normal GI. Oh well, I have to focus on foods at the lower end of the GI scale. Of course, there may be other reasons too, like eating too much at each sitting. I must be more mindful of the hadith quoted above and eat less!
So why did I choose to follow a low GI diet? Two main reasons. 
First of all, I have a family history of diabetes, and my mother is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. A type 2 diabetic person has a higher than normal reaction to blood sugar, causing a larger than normal amount of insulin produced for a given amount of blood sugar.

A low GI diet is usually what’s recommended to a diabetic to control insulin fluctuations in the body because the glycemic index is a measure of how much glucose appears in the bloodstream after consuming a certain amount and after a certain time. High insulin levels causes weight gain.
If I eat only low GI foods, in moderate amounts, keeping insulin levels low, my body would be less likely to store the excess glucose as fat.
Secondly, the most effective diet I have ever done is the Atkins diet, which avoids ALL carbohydrates totally, including fruit! I lost weight very quickly. When the body has no carbohydrates to use as fuel, it turns to using up fat as a fuel. This is ideal, as you can imagine! One of the by-products of fat being dissolved and burned are ketone bodies.
Too much ketones in the bloodstream though and it can be damaging to the body. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get rid of the ketones fast enough. Because of the elevated ketone levels, I had to stop the diet. What does this have to do with using a low GI diet? A low GI diet, that will not induce high insulin levels in my body should have a somewhat similar effect to the Atkins diet, just not so extreme.
Well, its good to get all the mistakes and learning stages done with early. With that, the rest of my challenge should go very well! Watch out, Lina, Kahar, victory will be mine!
6 September 2013
Zaf Abbas

So now the first week has ended. Hmmm… What did I do? What did I feel? How would I be able to add value to everybody? Is it ok for me start on Monday, please?

So here it is. Monday is here. Everyone was well fed on Sunday. I had a great start without needing to do anything YES!!

I stepped down the bus I took to the factory. Feeling happy and confident. Went to canteen for breakfast and it HIT ME IN THE FACE!!!!

I WORK IN A FACTORY! That means factory canteen food (I can’t choose my food), factory management hours (can’t choose my eating time) and JAPANESE bosses!! (You tell them… “Errr its breaktime” and the answer is “What is breaktime?”)

How would I apply my food and exercise regime?

And, to add to that confusion….

My workaholic Japanese bosses fed me with ice cream after ice cream!!! (Later I found out why. They basically made me work triple hard within the same time frame)

So, as usual, when in trouble, turn to Allah. Took Rasulullah’s eating habits coupled with Mac Newton’s diet tips I went through the week. No exercises coz I had to work triply harder.

Result, on Sunday I was 74.3. On Friday I am 72.9kg. Looks like I am having the *Matsuzaka steak.

Kahar Saidun

p.s: One of the prizes offered for this #10 KG Challenge.

Fascinatingly, I’m a rebel. The word weight loss = “DIET” which is very fatal to me. I kinda do the opposite if that word stays in my head.

So when Monday hit me, my mind was still a blank. The more I think about it, the more I rebelled. The more I didn’t want to do anything about it. The more hungry I became. I ate more frequently. I did not want to exercise even. I was stubbornly folding my arms and saying no to everyone’s help. Like a stubborn little girl.

Eventually, I relented a few days later… *lol

My family members were all geared up to “help” me (Thks!) My parents were busy pulling me out from the bed to the park for jogging (yucks!). My kids were busy feeding me with positivity thoughts- “If you think you are fat, you are fat, so think that you are slim.” *kids nowadays are geniuses!

My biggest challenge was my mentality. I was not prepared. I was excited but not prepared. I was still in “LALA” land 3-4 days after the challenge started. So I was out of focus. Now, I’m ready.

So what’s my plan? “Listen” to my body. Eat whatever it feels like eating. Stop before the tummy gets full, and be mindful ,be present (pay attention!) during the eating process and in the food that I eat. Do the weekly 3 X 45 mins of aerobic dancing/exercise. Believe and have faith that I can lose 10 kg in 3 months and that I am the winner of this challenge. YES! (Bryan told me that it sounded like I’m going to war… indeed, this is war but with myself! *lol)

Just a simple plan from a simple girl.

Everything is definitely possible!
Lina Masrina

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