M & M Success Tips #3 – It’s all about YOU.

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Blessed Friday:  Money and Marriage Success Tips.

Good afternoon, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: YOU!

It’s all about YOU..

When you get paid in all sorts of forms eg. monthly salary, free lance job etc.
WHO/what do you pay … first?
Water Bills, Electricity bills, School fees, Groceries, Car Maintenance/Monthly payment…etc?
Nope.The answer is… YOU!
Have you heard about the T. Harv Eker’s  6 jars? (Millionaire Mind)
Every time you get paid, please PAY YOURSELF FIRST.
Take the money and divide accordingly to the 6 jars mentioned below:
JAR 1: Financial Freedom Account (Never to be spend but to be invested) = 10%
JAR 2: Long Term Savings For Spending (e.g Buying a house, contingency fund) = 10%
JAR 3: Education (for all the empowering courses/events) = 10%
JAR 4: Necessities (For all the bills) =55%
JAR 5: Play (for you to blow it all up on fun stuff, every month) = 10%
JAR 6: Give (Charity)  = 5%
Do this every time you get paid and make it a HABIT. Even if you do not have much money. Practice it even if its a dollar, or a 10 cent. Divide it as mentioned above. Make it a habit.
Insya-Allah this will educate one to manage  money successfully.

One of the main key ingredients of a successful marriage is LOVE.
Before you seek the LOVE in others, do LOVE yourself first. Before you seek a life partner to LOVE, LOVE your whole being first.

Ask yourself what do you really want in love (marriage) and how do you want to be love. Pamper yourself, have some ME time often.

Marriage is the beautiful unity of two person. And so they ended up doing everything together, everyday of their lives. Sharing their beautiful life with one another.

But the secret of a happy marriage is preserving one’s individuality while the duo is united in everything in life. Sounds confusing?

Everyone needs their own personal time to do things they love.That is to recharge the being that they are.The unique individual, the wholesomeness of a person. To embrace and replenish that awesomeness.

So, before you start LOVING another, LOVE YOURSELF first.

One simple daily activity to encourage that is:
Everyday after you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror.
Look deep into your own eyes and  Say I LOVE YOU to yourself many times.
Say it and mean it.

Look at your every feature of the face, body, everything…
Love your eyes, love your nose, your lips etc…
Be in gratitude of the hardworking miraculous body.
Be aware of yourself.
And then Say THANK YOU to yourself.

Do it daily. And soon, you can feel yourself glowing with LOVE.

BE LOVE, be happy and be prosperous.

Have a great day!

Happy Regards,
Lina Masrina.

p.s: Do write in your heartfelt comments be it good or bad. I embrace all colorful comments very well, because I believe in order to succeed,we have to constantly improve ourselves. And who else can give us sincere feedback for improvement, right? YOU…of course , the fabulous raving fans.
Together we can make this.. be a wonderful journey of success for you and I , success in life and hereafter, insya-Allah amin..
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Abang Abu for this amazing  opportunity!

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