Blessed Friday-M & M Success tips #1

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Blessed Friday:  Money and Marriage Success Tips 2.

Good morning, blessed readers and fans!

Today’s tip is a simple yet a powerful one: INTENTIONS.

(In various dictionaries, Intention: a determination to act in a certain way, purpose – intent – design – aim – object – notion – idea. A course of action that one intends to follow;  An aim that guides action; an objective ; Purpose with respect to marriage)

As Muslims, we already know that our intentions are to be set before we do anything, fully.That is the basis of life and everything that goes in it.

So for Money and Marriage…
What are your intentions? What is the purpose of your marriage? What is the purpose of you wanting to be wealthy and financially free? Some may want to be Millionaires… so what’s the intention behind that?

TIP 1)Make it simple, clear and concise.
The intentions have to be clear and concise. If that is ambiguous, so will your path to achieve it be. If your intentions are full of doubts, then your path to achieve it will be, as well.

TIP 2)Intentions you set have to serenade well with your whole being.
Your intentions have to be made with approval from the mind and especially the heart. Do not set the intentions according to others’ needs. Set it for yourself. It’s between you, you and God.

TIP 3) The BIG WHY -Be honest.
I know as Muslims, we are always setting our intentions because of the Almighty. That is a good strong basic foundation. For example: Abang Abu taught me: I intent to be wealthy because of Allah swt!

And believe me, we always get what we intended. So this setting of INTENTIONS is very important.  Not many have any idea how powerful INTENTIONS are.
So what intentions do you want to set and why?

Be honest. Don’t try to shield your intentions with made-up fake reasons. Because that remind us back to tip no.2 : it has to serenade well with your whole being and lying is not one of them.
Just list as many as you can possibly write and then…go thru it. As you keep doing tip no.3, you will know what are your superficial intentions and what are your real intentions.

CLARITY will then pave your path towards your bigger success.

Example of INTENTIONS:
I intend to get married because of the Almighty (kerana Allah taala).
I intend to be wealthy because I intend to give back to the community.
I intend to work hard to give my family a good life thru Halal means for the success in this life and hereafter.
I intend to be healthy because I am grateful for the abundance (nikmat) that the Almighty has bestowed upon me.

Hope that helps! And have a blessed Friday!
Happy Regards,
Lina Masrina.

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