WHQ travel:Day 4- The art of crossing the road lies within you.

Lina: Horns blaring no longer amuses me.I looked left, right, left, right, front, back…and then front again.Unsure whether… should i just go ahead and do it.Everytime, I do this, its kinda like a matter of life and death.

Motorcycles are as many as the leaves on the trees of the sidewalks.The scary ones are the big buses and white cars.Waiting to swallow you whole.

Where are the traffic lights, you say? There are….present. But not for humans.

So what I did….was…I took a deep breath…focus on my peacefulness within….say my last prayers and then cross, looking forward.Without a care on what’s right or left, just forward with such conviction in every of my footsteps.

The motorbikes will somehow adapt to your pace and avoid you by all means. But I cannot say the same for the bigger vehicles.

And if my travel buddy was beside me, I rather sacrifice him by making him stand by my left….I would love to be the protective one but I rather be the wimpy one when crossing the road… Hahaha… *survivor mode.

One of many challenges Bryan made me do: To steal the moment .While the bus driver was out on a break. To feel what it’s like to be a local bus driver. It was pretty narrow on this OMO (one man operational bus).

To be continued…

Note: All images are credited to Bryan Yong Photography and World Halal Quest . Copyright. All rights reserved.
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