WHQ Travel: Day 7-Revenge is sweet/Outlaws on the run!

Lina: Once upon a time, being a threesome on a motorbike is something, I will not do (even if you bribe me).So watch my open-mouthed, puzzled face when we found out that we were haggling prices for 1 motorbike for the 3 of us (including the main rider).

The simple safe ride ended up being another adventure on its own. Never in my mind, I would have thought that one of my travels can be like a Hollywood flick- Bourne Movie. Whereby the actor has to disappear from their pursuers.

It was a moment unlike any others. Either we get caught or we flee. And so we chose the latter…

We ran, hid, stooped down, rolled over, hid again, camouflaged, cut hair, changed clothes (identity and faces, if possible) and escaped away from “them”. It was an adrenaline pumping moment for us.

To hide our tracks, we blended in with our surroundings….

In a rush to escape our own shadows, I left something back there. Perhaps my wet muddy feet steps…and some droplets of crystal tears….

Anyway, put aside those anxious heartbeats, and cold beads of perspiration…

My summary: I think that even though things might not happen the way we wanted, I was actually enjoying myself.

In spite of all the so-called “imperfections”…  I remembered enjoying moments of walking in the sudden pouring rain, hiding in coffeehouses, stealing (erm, sharing, I mean) some wi-fi at random places, enjoying their street snacks (with clothes smelling like dead cats) while others were busy seeking shelter, watching our craziness… in so many different districts, unplanned, just because of random curiosity.

I remembered how we took the local buses, mingle with the locals, trying their local sport and even learn their art of body languages (confused headshakes of yes and no) and not forgetting their beautiful language (which almost often get us into trouble).

I remembered all emotions vividly. Happyness ( I spelt happiness with a Y) , fun, excitement, heart weeping, raw tender sincerity, anguish frustrations, overwhelming tiredness, random shutdown and blank-ness etc.

Hmm….I am human, after all.
Thank you, Vietnam!

WHQ heartfelt gratitude:
To these gorgeous individuals: Kevin Miller, Hadi , Vy and Mom , Hue, Sophie , Kim, Zen (above in the pic) and many more locals who went out of their way to help us out in making our stay a very memorable experience.

And especially to our awesome families (the Van der Weerdens & the Yongs) and passionate WHQ team (Elly, U rock!) for backing us up,for being there spurring us, supporting us in spite of all good, bad and awesome challenges faced.

Thank you , from our hearts ….
and may God bless all of you.

Note: This WHQ travel is a first time trial of collaboration between me and Bryan. We are different in so many ways yet like-minded in various aspects of life. I am a Muslim. He is a Christian. I’m from Singapore and he is from Malaysia. Together, we hope that our travels can encourage love, peace, happyness thru out the world. We hope we can sow these seeds wherever and with whomever . Because regardless of the different skin colours, ages, genders, religions etc…. We believe that we all are ONE. No one is superior to another. Everyone has their own greatness. Everyone has gifts to give to the world. Let’s unite for a common goal, for the best of mankind; peace.

To be continued…

Note: All images are credited to Bryan Yong Photography and World Halal Quest . Copyright. All rights reserved.




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