WHQ travel: Day 3- Going upstream to lay eggs.

Lina: We were goofing around at the back alley, trying to catch the morning sun at its best. The smiles of the locals were radiantly bright. And then he appeared….all came to a stand still. We met the others. And were brought out on to the light. Suddenly the side streets were caving in on me. The morning drowsiness kept me immune to the whispering voices.

The road trip took us 2-3hours to get to the destination. On board the bus were filled with myriad nationalities. We were eager and excited to be tourists, for once.


Bryan: Worn out leather chair, the constant rattling, the chatter of other passengers on the bus increased my struggle to poke the right alphabet on the Ipad by ten folds.

I stopped and looked out the window. The paddy fields were slowly swallowing the sun. Like a snake devouring its prey. Darkness approached. Street hawkers were starting up the generator to light up their stalls. The closer the bus approached the city, the fancier their light arrangements were. Either to attract customers or to satisfy their creative needs. However, the fancier the stall is, the price of the product increase exponentially.

Lina: We followed thru the itinerary like obedient kids going for a school’s trip. Watching and experiencing everything with fresh new set of eyes. Everywhere, those slithering eyes looked at me lazily. Yikes! It gives me goose bumps (my phobia of snakes acted up again) just by standing centimetres away from them.

The country side was a fresh breath of air. Time moves slowly than it should. Love the fresh water ambience. Wonder what lies beneath this huge river? I dipped my hands in the warm water. It was very hot. I was bathing in my own sweat. Felt like jumping in… hmm…

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