WHQ travel Asia:Day whatever-Birds eye chilies competiton.

Lina: The in-house crowd gasped as we both chewed our chillies and swallowed them whole. There was no intention of creating such competition especially in a foreign land. One cannot afford to disrupt your own bodily functions when one travels. And this is definitely not in the itinerary.

But we both are strong headed people. We never concede defeat and neither are we the first one to hoist the white flag.

My eyes began to well up. The tears are slowly forming. My mouth began to show signs of smoky spiciness. I hope that the saliva gushing thru are enough to tone down the fieriness.

I looked at Bryan, my competitor. His eyes twinkled asking me to concede defeat. I rolled my eyes and focus on my surroundings. The kids present, were counting the number of chilies we devoured. I’m not even sure if this is PG rated.

I looked at them cheering me on. Suddenly the leftovers courage fused as one and jolted me to eat more in fast mode. Without me realising it, I did it! Woohoo!

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