WHQ travel: 2.87 day has passed and trouble is just brewing.

Lina: Being like-minded travellers: For sure there will be sparks of disagreements. Honesty is always the best policy.

Anger is never thought as negativity, in fact it is embraced as a healthy game. And if in worst case scenario….anger ignited can turn into something bigger.. Then one or the other can be satisfied knowing they can storm off to any part of the world alone, but feel at ease because each of them are always on survivor mode.

Meaning, they can separate in disagreement. But yet at the end of it, they can always find themselves back and meet up in one united place. One will never have to worry about troubles brewing in the midst of their long-winded journey together. Take it as it is or dunk it in a cold glass of milk.

There was never a doubt that these travellers can always travel alone even in the remotest areas be it female or male. Even when they unite for a common goal or intention, they can always storm off in search of their own solitude.

Solitude is a gift… one give to themselves.
Sometimes, no one else knew ourselves other than the best people of the world-US!

These travellers are indeed a rare breed.

And I am thankful to be one of them.

A lone independent traveller can be adaptable. They can join others, can also split and resume their solo journey…and then join others again.

It’s liberating to enjoy a moment alone in a foreign land.
Alhamdulillah. I’m enjoying a freshly made yogurt thru the bustling night street market, now.

P.s: Thank you, Eddie for the whole experience of songs, music and for allowing me to understand the locals’ way of celebrating their everyday. Not forgetting the best choice of songs dedications esp. I’m Yours. Thank You Kevin for enlightening me about the local halal food scene. I heart both your passion and big heartedness. God bless.

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