WHQ on TV-13th of May on Suria Channel.Prime Time!

Alhamdulillah. Premiering this May on Suria Channel, Singapore.

The TV show is called -JUS! is an one-hour lifestyle magazine programme…

JUS! is in its fifth year running and will be fronted by SURIA personalities Shahrin Azhar, Syirah Jusni and Taufiq Salleh. It will go on LIVE every Monday night from 8:30pm-9:30pm and telecasted on Suria. The first of this nine-episode series will debut on Monday, 6th May 2013. One of its segments called “Makan Blog” will feature local bloggers.

To me it is one of the awesome Malay infotainment of vibrant juicy updates of lifestyle, fashion and glorious food.

This time, I got the opportunity to be present in 2 separate episodes alongside gorgeous comrades from the food blogging scenes like Dr Leslie Tay, Daniel etc…

Awesome crew and Celebrity host Taufiq who calmed my jitters, give me some tips to relax.A very down to earth guy who is very multi-talented and was also a superstar in soccer back then.

Amazing array of talents and not forgetting Producer Samri for his guidance , John, Johari (and many more whom I have no chance of interacting), Alyza and Mimi for their “magic” hands in making us look gorgeous….

And also the wonderful restaurant owners and dedicated staff who facilitates us in many, many ways.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Love the experiences!

Don’t forget to tune in to JUS! on Suria Channel starting from this May 6th 2013, ok? *wink

And do give us your positive comments and motivational support at www.facebook.com/worldhalalquest

Thank you.
Love y’all!

Me and Celebrity Host Taufiq

Me and Zool Mimi (make-up)

Me and the lovely wife of one of the restaurant’s owners.

Phew..luckily, I was not in the blistering heat shooting this scene…

13/5/13 Monday 8.30pm on Mandi Rice:

Don’t forget to catch WHQ again on #JusSuria at 8.30pm on any of the Monday’s episodes at Suria Channel for the next Food recommendation!! Awesome people and gorgeous food!!

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