Malaysia-Bananas,German steak and Burger Bakar in half a day?

Country: Malaysia
(Johor Food trail in half a day-cos we started out at 4pm onwards. I forego any of my interest and followed the locals’ tastebuds for this trail. )

1)Royal cravings for fried bananas…. at Mawar Café.

I heard that often..the Johor’s Royal family will buy loads of “pisang goreng(fried banana fritters in Malay) from this cafe.
The only landmark I can think of when finding this location.
Monkeys and humans alike…will love these! *lol
Grilled stuffed bean curd  (tahu bakar) and fried bananas-both in sweet spicy soya sauce dip/gravy. Only difference was that the beancurd had a drizzling amount of chopped peanuts.
My verdict: The grilled bean curd (with stuffed vegetables like cucumber and salad) drenched in sweet soya sauce with peanuts was not bad. I can taste the freshness of the bean curd. Crispy on the outside, squirting with moisture on the inside.
The fried bananas were good! The batter was light. I like that! The dip was slightly too watery for my taste (I’ve been to kampong/village and tasted a thicker, spicier version of this dip, it was the bomb! So as compared to that, this was so-so… less than average. )  
Ratings: Fried Bananas: 4.2 love out of 5.
(Accompanied dip/sauce was 2 out of 5 so total food was 3.1
but I eat the bananas without the dip, so it was still 4.2 for me.)
Ambience: was like an open air, non aircon eatery… 2.7 out of 5.
Always packed especially during meal times.
 Check out a fellow blogger’s review on this café :
2)Sloppy Joe and Sirloin Mushroom in Rahm Sauce (German-styled)
Suria Grill
No.19B Jalan Masjid Kampung Melayu Majidee
(opposite of mosque)
The owner cum cook has 20 years of cooking background in Germany. He even has the Permanent Residency visa for that country. (Back then, it was easy to get PR-said the owner) Of course, he is very proficient in German language. Very nice and friendly man. He was very busy with orders and I nearly caused him to burn his steak with my endless questions.
(sorry. *lol)
Sloppy Joe
Anyway, I kinda like this version of Sloppy Joe. I was expecting something else. But the baked potato was good with dollops of sour cream and loads of minced meat seasoned with tomatoes and spices.
Sirloin Mushroom in Rahm Sauce (left) and Texas Steak (on the right).
Both were equally tender. I suspected that they have been cooked before being grilled. It’s so tender that I believe any grand moms (with dentures especially) can easily chew and swallow them with no hassle.
The Rahm sauce was fascinating. I’m not a fan of cream based sauce but this was good. Served with fried potatoes (bratkartoffeln).
I was intrigued by these group of youngsters. They were busy with the Murtabak stall with chirpy conversations. I heard that this was one of the best in this area. I did not get a chance to eat it cos I was too full (and like a cat after its every meal, I nearly licked myself to keep myself awake cos I’m dozing off in contentment). But I watched them closely and I noticed the Murtabak really looked good, especially…the skin looked so thin and fillings were lovingly filled with loads of minced meat and onions. Yum! (from both the inside and outside.)
Don’t believe me, see for yourself…
4)Looking for desserts… at Singgah Selalu Restaurant
Singgah Selalu Restaurant
36-F, Jalan Skudai, Danga Bay,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Some of us just came and they had fried noodles (mee goreng) and Thai fried rice. They looked and tasted average.

The crepe was my accidental order. I wanted something sweet and it looked so fanciful. Furthermore, the waiter was egging me to order some. Surprisingly, the crepe was good!  Thin crispy crepe! I like! Only that I was hoping the slices of banana were cooked and caramelised as well. Cos then they will go well with the thin chocolaty Nutella Spread inside.
The ice-kacang was really sweet. It was not as good as I expected it to be. I always love Malaysians ice-kacang…but not this one.
Singgah Selalu Restaurant: I was here, years ago when I had my own car. Singaporeans love to come here cos its very convenient and location is near the custom check point. I can have my meals with my family and send my car for washing (cheap and good) at the same time. There was a car washing service depot at the side.
Now, I noticed, there is a beauty spa nearby. So if you need some personal time for  pampering dear self, there are feet reflexology and body massage provided too.
OBTW, there is a live band playing at certain timing. So it can be extremely loud and annoying for some. And I noticed that if you want them to give a surprise birthday celebration/shout out for your loved ones, they can accommodate that as well. Just be prepared to hold that big poster across your chest and SMILE! for the camera… *grins
The menu was extensively huge…so expect local food (and anything that can be eaten to be included like Western food, Seafood and many more…)
5) Final food point… The famous Burger Bakar…
Burger Bakar Abang Burn @ B Point
  Lot 25231-A, Jalan Yahya Al-Datar,
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Burger Bakar and its notoriety have been bugging me ever since I landed back home in Singapore. But I have no chance of trying it out yet.
(So since I was in the vicinity, let’s check it out!)
We were wondering on how to eat this single patty burger.
I looked in awe at this tower burger. It has huge fried mushroom slice (which tasted like chicken, seriously) and huge fried onion ring in between the buns and the meat patty.
The meat patty itself was more like a tennis ball (slightly bigger). Why is it called burger bakar? Because its char-grilled (duh?! Aren’t all traditional burgers cooked like that)
Anyway, we chose the original flavour. We saw the “Leleh” (drools) burger name on the menu but I didn’t think we can handle that. It’s too much…
Even the dressings pampered on the whole burger was quite intimidating for my tongue.
Nevertheless as we “autopsied” the burger.. We realised that the meat was not cooked properly. And its TOUGH and very dry.. (reminded me of the real tennis ball) . The taste wise… erm… I dare not comment but I think that it can be lethal to some, if I don’t… *dilemma- I think one of WHQ admin actually posted my true thoughts on that on (oops!)
It was not a good experience for me, I would prefer any Ramly burger, anytime… (even if they are novice burger makers). But then, perhaps, KL; the home of Burger Bakars is able to change my mind and tummy, who knows? (Rating? Seriously? 1 love out of 5?)
This picture was taken before consumption of the burger bakar. Do take note.
Heartfelt gratitude:
To wonderful new friends Mohamed Dzuhairy, Aqilah and Zulfadli Khalid… Thank you so much for taking the time to drive me around for new food adventures around Johor Bahru. I had so much fun understanding the locals’ taste buds and cravings. We should do this often *lol.
It was great fun! (of course since I’m not the one driving! *lol)
 Disclaimer: WHQ doesn’t care how other foodies do it. We are not critics. We are simply food lovers who love to eat with all our senses and especially our hearts. We are not representing anyone. Halal is an act of individual’s responsibility. What we feast on may or may not fulfil your standard of 100% halal. We are not responsible for your own tummy and bodily experience. Our intention is to make Halal a no.1 brand in the world for the world …in our own unique way. 
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