WHQ Supports – The Single Mum Awareness Event

Alhamdulillah. Another event so close to my heart.

On the eve of this coming Mother’s day, there will be a fund raising event for the Single Moms of Singapore. And I am grateful to be one of the featured guest.

The purpose of this event is to appreciate, acknowledge and help single mothers who are having trouble making ends meet. This fundraiser event is also to be held in conjunction with Mothers’ Day celebrations. We want to raise awareness of the trials and tribulations and raise funds to help them get by. It is also a celebration of mothers and their hard work bringing up their children while making a decent living.

These gorgeous ladies are very young but they have such big hearts to contribute to the society. This major project is spear headed by a phenomenal gutsy lady named Hilda. I admired their passion and dedication in doing this.

The vision mission:
We are a group of passionate and dedicated friends that has come together to form a new community called The Women Squad. We have a passion in helping and inspiring women all around Singapore and the World to speak for themselves, to love themselves unconditionally and in turn to inspire each other with their successes and even unsuccessful attempts in life.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”  -Gandhi


(Do note: They are just young adults who believed in empowering the society with their time and actions. They are such big-hearted youths. I am so proud to get to know such inspiring individuals! )

They believed I am an inspiring figure (Alhamdulillah thank u!), interviewed me and filmed me on video for that eventful day.

Some of the questions were…

Q: What are your struggles?

Beginning…it was almost everything. But of course all that I faced are actually from within and so once I found out the cause of it, I focus on self n personal development.

Q: How are things going so far?

Alhamdulillah. God is great. Whatever I need, it somehow appears and the strangers that I met be it coaches, mentors n acquaintances have all been amazing to me. Everyone I met has a key for me to unlock life’s amazing lessons.

Q. Motivational words to other single moms:

No one can accept you if you yourself cannot accept your own self being. Everything happens for a reason and has a blessing behind it. Love yourself first n the world will benefit from your own loving. Each and everyone of us are awesome in being ourselves. Believe that and be comfy in your own skin. Everyone deserve the bestest in life, go for it!

Q. Dedication to your own mom:

Thank you Mom, for going against the tide to help me. Thank you for supporting me even though my ways might be different and crazy most times. Its very challenging for you to root me to the ground and give me endless encouragement…but u are always there in spite of all that. No words can express my gratitude. But I’m thankful that you are my mom, my bestest friend, my soulmate.

I love you, Mom.

These are just a part of the interview.

So make a date on this special day with your fun loving family
and especially with your down-to-earth POWER women of the world:
Your MOM!!

Date: 11th May 2013 (Eve of Mother’s day)
Location: Executive Coach International
No.5 Harper Road (Tai Seng MRT)
#02-01, Singapore 369673
Time: 7-10pm
Dress Code: White
Call to Register: 97559442 (Khairul)

Free Admission for all Single Moms
Tickets: Adults (above 13) -$20 Kids -$10
All proceeds will be generously donated to Charity.
created by the awesome Women Squad

This event is open to all. Do come and bring your awesome mothers to bond together and have a great time with other like minded loving families.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to charity.

 To all Moms of the world:

Happy Mother’s day.
Thank you for shining your light thru out the world …
Because of your endless unconditional love, perseverance,
determination, strength and whole loads more,
You make the world a much better place.
Continue being one of the awesomest being of the world:
WE love you!


Thank you Hilda and the awesome Women Squad!
May God bless y’all for your efforts.

I don’t really like to include my kids in my blog or any of my social media…but it’s high time, I showcase them, my heroes, who strengthen me, and love me unconditionally in spite of all my craziness in the hectic world.

p.s:  This interview video will be shown during the main event. Sad to say, I was not able to attend their event because I have already volunteered my time “crewing” for the coming NAC, Richard Branson event. But please, support us! Thank you and have a blessed day, everyday!

Excerpts from the actual video..

Thank you everyone for your bigheartedness and a job well done with loads of laughters, fun and craziness! Love each n everyone of you #BFFs!!

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  1. Azeeza Jalaludeen

    Lina dear, You ARE a huge inspiration to many. Love your work with WHQ.

    Awesome interview, & Congrats!
    Inspiring team of young ladies.

    Allah bless all your efforts! Love & Hugs

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