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My partner in crime….food crime.

In the Urban Dictionary, it means – good friends who get in trouble together or get each other in trouble and laugh about it.Your significant other; someone you can depend on to help you get your shit done! *chuckles

We were the behind-the-scenes crew for the National Achievers Congress. I was the official “Mic Runner” (that’s how I maintain the figure, ladies…sshhh). He was the official Photographer, although he was more “atas” and more glamour in his designation, our sadistic humour seems to be comparable. Simply said, we connect well especially when we are not verbally communicating. *chuckles

Bryan Yong, a Male Chinese born and bred in Malaysia. A man of many talents, quirky expressions and weird manners but always on the go, a like minded traveller with itchy feet and butt who couch-surfs and backpacks as well.

“When I travel, I’m looking forward to be one of the locals. Understand their ways, eat what they eat, live the way they live. “-Bryan Yong

His belief: “..my Dad used to tell me if you do not put your foot down and stand by your beliefs, you’d be like a kite – taken away by the wind and not knowing where you’d end up. This is my anchor, my passion.”

His ultimate passion is photography. Putting aside the mundane life choices to survive in reality, he chooses to live his dreams doing what he love-Photography.

“I’m looking for photos that excites people’s emotions. My slogan is :Finding the Punctum …..”

When my face changed to cloudy grey of question marks…

He continued ….explaining- ” Punctum are photos that raised your goose bumps, touches your heart and stay with you forever.”-Bryan Yong.

That pulled some of my heart strings but still I need to know….

What matters most, aside from being a fickle tickled traveller like me, I want to know whether he can survive the world of gastronomy often misinterpreted as gluttony.

As they say-You got to have the “time to do the crime”…. And so we hang out for some chow down. Crazy indulgences of local halal food to test his “eating skills”.

Verdict? A man of his physique, eats so well, in fact better than me. I was expecting the chiaseeds or some well-shaken seaweed mix for his daily meals.

But none of that…he EATS , literally and physically EAT and he L-O-V-E-S food!!


The adventures of the misfits duo continues on…

P.s: A down-to-earth guy who can get comfy with anybody, anywhere in the world…even with great personalities like Les Brown and Sir Richard Branson. (Yeah, we got to hang out with them and many more awesome personalities, backstage…is that cool or COOL?)

Get upclose and personal with him…

Check him out at his page:

His love:

And he blogs too…. alongside his artiste friends…

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