Ramadan Fiesta 2013

Assalamualaikum wr.wb. (Peace be upon you)

Soon, it will be the blessed month of Ramadan (fasting). WHQ is currently doing a short promotion called Ramadan Fiesta 2013 .Our focus is on the local food themes of eateries and restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia during the Muslim’s Fasting Season.

The intention is to introduce the myriad array of “Iftar” (breaking fast) and “Sahur” (early morning meals) choices to the consumers before Ramadan begins on 10th of July 2013.

Fiesta can have many meanings: festival, feast, or even celebration. To WHQ, Ramadan is a month of celebration.A liberation of past conditioning and actions.A time to be with one self and polish up the individual’s relationship with the Creator.

A time to celebrate the meaning of true sacrifice and moments of endeavour of each unique individuals, community and especially family spiritedness. A time to get together and encourage each other to be the best that we can be.

Ramadan is truly the “Celebration” of our souls.

What better way than to communicate that through the food we consumed?

This is what the Ramadan Fiesta is all about.

Do email us : worldhalalquest@live.com.sg for more info.

And read up on our previous Ramadan 2010 promotions:

Thank you for your endless support.

May you and your loved ones be bless with great iman, taqwa, love, happyness, gd health, peace and abundance in this coming Ramadan.


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