Chicken Affair- One of the best boneless Halal Chinese Chicken rice.

I have gone many times to my hometown to eat at the same Chinese chicken rice stall (halal-certified). The old man who looked beyond 80 is still there, preparing the food in the early morning. But lately, I was getting restless, the steamed chicken is as juicy but the quality elsewhere (like the rice, chilli etc) is rapidly deteriorating in more ways than one.

And so when a good friend recommend it to me, just by showing me the picture of the shop…. (Thanks! Bro Shahlan!) Somehow, without me knowing…. the intention has been set, and the next day, I was there even without me planning to be there (LOA mysticism).

Upon asking my order, the staff actually asked me $2.50 or $3.50? I was like what? I was busy searching for chicken liver and giblets. And it’s not to be found…probably sold out. I told them I shall have both chicken please ..(eyeing the juicy steamed chicken and the shiny roasted ones as well) with 1 serving of rice. The total price is $4.50.

The rice is fragrant. The chilli paste is fresh and the garlic accompaniment is awesome.
The chicken is fantabulous! I don’t normally eat my chicken rice with the thick soya sauce but I “copied” this Chinese lady customer in front of me, it accentuates the taste buds, somewhat.

Food Verdict: 4.8 hearts-I’m in LOVE.
(Minus 0.2 becos the roasted chicken was a tiny weenie bit dry for me)

It’s a hawker centre. So no air conditioned. But it’s covered.

TFF Boneless Chicken Rice
Address:1 Bedok Road, Stall #28 Bedok Food Centre

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun. 10:30-20:00
Closed on Wed.


I don’t care how other foodie does it. I’m not a critic. I’m just a typical food lover who eats with all her senses n especially her heart. U don’t have to entice me, just let the food do the talking. I’m not representing anyone but my own body.

Halal is every individual’s responsibility. If I eat it, doesn’t mean its 100% halal for you. I am not responsible for ur own tummy n bodily experience. My intention is to make Halal a no.1 brand in the world for the world …in my own unique way.

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