My love affair with the chicken….

Begun a long time before i learn how to run.

They used to run free n easy right in front of me
Shaking their fancy bon-bons, smirking at me.
I sat there wondering what could they be?
As a baby, i saw their meaty potentials already.

In the village, I was raised…
For a moment, it was braised
I smelled the air
And i smacked my lips…
Yey! Grandma has cooked
yummy chicken rice for me!

Chicken was a staple for me.No, not rice..but chicken… *grins. No wonder I always kept a lookout for potentials with the poultry owners’ sons…

Fish was once in a blue moon.If I need to eat fish, it has to taste like chicken…so there it was the leather jacket fish aka Ikan Ayam-ayam (because the meat is so fleshy n similar to chicken instead of the normal thin melty fishy taste).

Anyway, my everyday menu has to include the main ingredient -Chicken. But the method of cooking differs daily. Monday-Ayam Kicap (chicken braised in sweet soya sauce). Tuesday-Ayam goreng (fried chicken in turmeric n ginger), Wednesday-Ayam kari (chicken cooked in Indian curry), Thursday-Ayam sop (soul detox with the hearty chicken soup n potatoes), Friday-Favourite childhood winner: Asam Pedas Ayam (Chicken cooked in sweet sourish chilli asam gravy famously known to be cooked with star studded fishes like stingrays n red snapper… but mine has to be chicken). Saturday & Sunday is a mystery, sometimes I eat out, Briyani chicken or something. This goes on for decades until….now.

Whenever I’m feeling blue, Chicken is my bestest friend. Sometimes, if possible, home-cooked food is always the best but sometimes, I take the easy way out….

So if you see me in an eatery with a 9 piece chicken on my own
 or at the beach with a mountainous pile of chicken wing bones
or probably at midnight dining on chicken feet alone,
that means, I’m so engrossed in a challenging subject
 that I shall not notice your presence
even if you stand there gawking at me or calling my name,
because after the last drumstick is left as a bone,
a solution is found on its own.
And then, I’m full n happy,
its time to go home…

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