WHQ on TV-Channel 5 Prime Time!

I was interviewed for being a Halal food blogger and for having travelled to many nations. I was on the world trip of completing 27 countries within 16 months when they contacted me. I flew home to shoot that segment. Still in jetlag mode but it was fun! (Total?I travelled to 34 countries for now..alhamdulillah! not all backpack, the recent world tour was more plushy. i bet y’all can do better! *grins Go for it! Dream n do it!)

Thank you once again
for your amazing responses
n comments to my presence
in the last episode of foodage!

Thank you once again
For spreading this blog’s good name.

It was great fun
To be on TV
Someday will have
My own series!
(InsyaAllah amin)

Lina Masrina.

P.s: i did not download the original on youtube but u can catch the old shots here..
(thks Mum,dad n the Van Der Weerden families back home, in Rotterdam for the amazing support n motivations!)


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