Travel tips 101-Quran and what I learnt from my grandma.

 I remembered when my grandfather passed on, I was in my teens and I was not able to recite the  long Surah of the Quran. There I sat down with tears rolling down my cheeks at his sudden but peaceful departure and the only thing I can recite was Al-Fateha, and the 3 Qul.
I was taught the Quran when I was very young but since I did not make it a part of my growing up years, in time, I soon, forget them.

Anyway, after that, my grandma and I grew closer. We were the best buddies. I noticed that she often recite the Surah Yasin after every Subuh and every Maghrib prayers. So much so, she began to memorise them.

After my grandfather was gone, I make it my goal to be Quranic literate all over again. I went to classes starting from the humble alif ba ta but this time with the tajwid.

Alhamdulillah, when one is ready, the teacher appears. I was blessed to be guided by one of the best Hafiz Quran (who memorizes the Quran at young age) I know, hailed from Mecca & Medina;Al Ustaz Al-Hafiz Alaina Baderuddin Balli. He really enforced our makhraj (pronunciation) to be as perfect as possible. And also the principal of the school, Ms Adnaritha Kader is a wonderful person who also guides me on the personality of a Muslim woman and eventually, I get so close that the school is like my other home.

The wonderful staff also help to groom me to be a better Muslimah.

From days, it become years. Eventually, I met and learnt from various Ustaz, niches of their own professions: Quran and Science (Ustaz Saripi Rawi), Perubatan Islam/Sihir dan Jin menggunakan Al-Quran (Ustaz Jumadi), my foundation Quran and Jawi Teacher (Ustaz Soiman) and lastly the school advisor the late Ustaz Abdillah Al-Jufri (Fardu Ain, Sirah and many more).

As time goes, from a Quran newbie to a hifz student and then I proceed on to organise major religious events in auditoriums in Singapore. It was an amazing experiences because I met all kinds of famous people and yet, they humbly volunteered their time and let me lead them when they are much more experienced  (like 20-30years).

Anyway, eventually, I learnt to be Quranic Teacher (MUIS certified), Qiraati Teacher (Certified), student of Darul Quran for Tahfiz Quran and Hadis, Arabic language student (distant learning with Madinah University).

That was when, I learnt that food plays a big part in our being. Especially when I was memorizing crucial surah, there will be times that I have trouble doing so and I have to look back and check upon my lifestyle (especially the food that I ate).

I also went to “experiment” on the taboo of eating fish head when memorizing the Quran. Its one of my favourite dish. I did my best to adhere to some of the “dos and “donts” of good food and habits for memory,for years until one of a well-known Ustaz who was one of the hifz competition judge told us, students- that he eats fish heads. And that day itself, I ran to the best fish head curry restaurant and broke my years of “fish head fast”. lol.

I went off course, didn’t I? lol.
Anyway, it was tough at first, to learn the basics of alif ba ta (like the basic of alphabets reading) when you are almost a young adult. But my classmates are much older than me. So it don’t matter. If you want to learn, go all the way for it. It’s not embarrassing. Once you get thru the first hurdle, the rest is easy.

Ok, back to the topic, whenever my grandma ask me to recite the Yasin, I will run away. I was ashamed because I only have learnt the basics and have not even started on Yasin.

Eventually, my grandma pestered and that motivates me to learn more at a faster rate. Eventually, I was able to recite to her and she listen with so much joy. I was happy that I was able to do that cos she then passed on, soon after.

My grandma has advised me to recite the Quran after every subuh and maghrib prayers, daily. I followed and soon enough, I memorised it, like her.

My grandma did not tell me the benefits but I can feel it. I know every alphabet has its own merits. But for me, whenever I travel, I recite the Surah Yasin. I will feel at ease. I felt like everything will be taken care of by the Almighty. Furthermore Yasin is the heart of the Quran and what better way to be connected to it, then heart to heart?

Whenever I’m worried or in doubt or for no reason at all, or when those emotional turbulences occur in my life or unexpected challenges appear in my travels, I will recite the Yasin. I used to carry the pocket Quran everywhere I go, now there is the conveniences of the apps and all that. So no excuse not to have it anywhere with you, k?

Oh, I just remembered that one of my Ustaz (teacher), my Hajj Mentor, Ustaz TM Fouzy said that whatever that you want, intent it and recite Yasin, insyaAllah it will be fulfilled. (something like that, allahu alam)

It’s ok, if you find it a lil bit intimidating to recite the whole Yasin or the whole Quran, start slowly. Start with the first sentence. Start with the first Surah. And do seek a teacher for this even though there may be a self-help diy Quranic recitation for dummies or something. Its best to be guided by the Teacher.

Even basmalah has its own benefits (if that is the only thing you memorise, its ok.) Do you know that reciting the Al-Fateha 7 times can help cure ailments? Its just simply the Al-Fateha.

Anyway, when one travels, if you need help, just ask directly from the Almighty (anyone, any race, any religion,-you may call Him; the higher power, the Universe, God, etc) ,He is always near and insya-Allah will answer your prayers.

Hope this tip helps you in your travel, be it in life or world or hereafter.

p.s: I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt. It’s true that we cannot just choose a certain Surah and take it like a magic mantra or something. Every ayat and surah has its own special benefits. Also this blog post is not to blow my own trumpet but actually to motivate myself to continue the hifz journey and if I, the Quran illiterate once upon a time can read the Quran and be the Quranic Teacher, you can definitely read, recite or complete the whole Quran or memorize them (whatever your intentions are, its possible). Age and time is not a limitation. But excuses are…

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