the RATINGS begins…alongside confession

I’m not a true blue foodie.
I’m a food whisperer…


That’s why Im a little bit weird
But if you believe in my weirdness
and have been supporting me
I salute you and thank you

Seriously, it dont matter
if halal food is organic n healthy
Or look gorgeous and handsomely
If it whispers I love you
And makes my body tingly
I embraced it wholeheartedly.


If you noticed my favourites
are not those highly acclaimed
Grammy awards hall of fame
Its mostly hidden secret places
That my heart sought to seek solace
Mostly the food brought peace
And utmost tranquility
And transported me
to a place where I need to be
absolutely be the truely me.

I know you have been asking
My top favourite hangouts
Let me slowly unfold
The secret places never told.

The foods in my top lists
Are normally food tease
For my soul to rest
From its weariness
Of being a life adventurer.

In peace n tranquility,
Lina Masrina
(aka as Putri Berendam)

P.s: InsyaAllah,Im gonna start rating the food n ambience (where do I squeeze the ratings of gorgeous people behind the LOVE food?) according to my “internal” heart beeping of love. (I know, you have been pestering me for years!!! *grins)

As mentioned, I am not a true foodie
I do not have the technicality.
I am a natural born-eater
Choosing food (weirdly) accordingly,
to my heart n soul beeper….

the LOVE ratings
(heart/love shapes):
Out of 6…… *drum roll plz.

What it truely means….
6-Love is out of this WORLD!
5-I’m in LOVE
4-Head over heels
3-Love is alive.
2-In need of more lovin’
1-what is LOVE?

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