The birth of a traveller:Year of the Snake.

Ok,warning…this blog post is not related to food,at all.
Just to share a piece of me to the world….

Mama told me with great enthusiasm umpteen times on how I skipped the crawling stage when I was a baby.She told me that I was shaking my butt on the floor and suddenly, wa-la! I was up on my tiny little feet! Hmm,fascinating baby.

But does that make me the traveller that I am, because I was too tired of sitting on my bum and decided that its time,I make a stand? The birth of the standing baby…the feet that can never stay put in one place-The Movie. *lol

Anyway, I was born in the year of the snake (Chinese Calendar) and am very proud of it (i know some of you may think,snakes only love to eat and sleep-precisely why I love the snake!That’s me:Sleeper and eater.)

But the above stories have no connection to the next unfolded story.Just sharing with you remnants of my pasts…

The real story that I was about to share was …about how I became the “never-get-lost” traveller…

When I was very young, I love to go to the fresh markets with my mom.Back then, the markets are like “pasar malams” (almost like farmers markets/night bazaars) of today.Always crowded and full of life especially in the morning.

As I was holding on to my mama’s hand, I was then jolted by the crowd and soon,the hand that hold on to me was gone.I was lost.I looked around, no mama’s face and no familiar faces. Just people and more people walking by.

So what did I do next? Cry of course! Brawl as loud as possible and as much noticeable as I can in the drowning crowds. People begin to take notice of me and try to pacify me.Of course, then….I cannot remember the rest…

But I know later on,Mama found me sitting quietly,with swollen teary eyes in a van with the snakes (yikes!) and Chinese men. Mama said perhaps they are snake charmers/performers….I cannot remember, I guess the memory is somewhere there…in my dna… But I hope its not those herbal medicine men whereby they cut and gut the snakes and soak them into herbal liquid for ointments or herbal drinks(yikes!) .If that happens, it must have been gory!

But how come,I have a fear of snakes?Where did tht come from? perhaps, too long beside the snakes in the cages makes me scared of them.Yeah,I’m scared of snakes….EEEyeew…

Anyway, somehow…from the child’s perspective,it was one of the most terrifying experience,ever.I was lost for 3 hours.Imagine that! Mama said, if she has given up, perhaps then I would be brought up by the snake charmers (hmm, i wonder what my future will be..instead of Halal food blogger,I would be the snake charmer cum blogger or the snake medicine woman…or author of the best selling book-A dummies guide to charm a snake and men alike… Hehehe)

Somehow from that experience, without me knowing,a vow has been made.I told myself that I will never ever get lost again. And somehow, the body reacted well to it.

Everywhere I go from then on, the mind will snap pictures of it in my mind (sort of like google map and google earth-Damn,I should have been the founder! *smiles) and stores them. Irregardless whether I take the bus or use my two legs,I will snap the streets routes, landmarks etc.

As I grew up, adults love to bring me out because I know the bus routes well and locations of unknown areas (not just my vicinity but the whole of Singapore).And my intuition serves me well thruout.

This fear of getting lost again is a blessing because I am mostly aware when I travelled.And now, its just automatic. My eyes are the lens of my “mind-camera”.What I see, I shall not forget.

Sometimes, me and my step-dad who is also a world traveller will play a game.We will get lost in a foreign country and see who can make it back without maps. So far, my sense of direction has never been defeated (nice!U did well too!heheh)

Who says WOMEN cannot read maps? Say that again?!! *showing the fist and chuckles. I have lead my team and won the land orienteering competitions many times. Often, I ended up reaching the destinations hours before others, and that too with or without a map.

But truthfully, I prefer doing it without a map.Just sniff the air, the scent is different in different places. And my senses are more sensitive in places in which their languages are much foreign to me that I cannot read and the people are not that English language conversant like China,Russia etc..

So there it is…

A little snippet of my childhood memories.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, my friends and fellow human beings of the world!
May your new year (Year of the Snake,YIPEE!) be bestowed with abundance, prosperity, good health, love, happyness and peace.

P.s: Lost can have many meanings… Of course, when I reach a foreign country, I may get lost,,lost…but as my internal GPS gets accustomed (beyond jetlag,tiredness etc..) , I can somehow find my way back home, best on foot. And of course, the fun part of being a traveller is … to get LOST..but what I meant LOST here is that u get so LOST, unsure where to go, need help etc..

Do note: I do not believe in any Zodiac signs or astrology icons or Chinese calendar year.I just wanna bask in the happyness of my Chinese friends who are celebrating their New Year soon.I can sense the joyous vibes being spread thruout Singapore.And I love the buzzing energy!

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