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Country: Singapore

To be in the mood for Mee Siam, you have to be in the mood for romance…Food Romance ,that is.

Mee Siam simply described as rice vermicelli in sourish sweet gravy with slices of beancurd and fish cakes(?) and hard boiled egg and lime. It combines…the sourish taste of tamarind, sweetness of sugar, saltishness of tauchu..savoury goodness of prawns and……so for u to have the courage to devour it at one go, to appreciate the many flavours in their “happy” state, u have to have an “open-minded” tongue…and love for fusion intermingling food romance.

I fancy Mee Siam in which its beehoon has been soften first (thru pre-cooked/boiled/blanched) before ducking them in a pool of gravy goodness.

The difference between Malay and Indian Mee Siam are many factors but one crucial point is the presence of coconut milk. One look and you can detect its flowing “milky “ways in the gravy.

But this time, I am very intrigued. As u know, Little India is one of my favourite crawls for food adventures.New stalls are always popping in and out thus creates curiosity and hunger in this blogger. And one of such place is the Tekka market food centre at Little India MRT station.

One day as I was immersing in my favourite Indian green bean dessert, I looked at this brightly lit stall. There seems to be a fuss amongst the customers. Normally, people will quietly eat their breakfast from various Indian breakfast stalls before rushing off to work. But this time, they seem to be a nonstop flow of customers buzzing around this stall.

As I eavesdropped upon this two men chatting over their excitement over this new stall, I overheard that the owner of the stall is the son of one famous Rojak manufacturer in Singapore.

I peeked at his colourful Mee Siam. Hmm, its calling out my name…it looks YUMMY!

And as I passed by, his food display is interestingly unique. He uses basket instead of the typical plastic, or metallic pots or even ceramic plates. And he made them look good!

I am easily aroused by the look of such handsome food.

I sat at a nearby chair and watched him silently. Orders kept on pouring in the wee hours of the morning. His hands are busily multitasking the hot and the cold ingredients.

He looked like a pro.

And then when finally, he has a chance to rest for a few minutes, its my time to pounce on him with my curiosity: Questioning time!

The owner is a 28 year old. He was very friendly and open about his personal business journey from the hard knocks University of life. But he was adamant to be successful this time. He was very passionate in describing his cooking and food. He was even open to reveal his secret ingredients. Hmm…

Everyday, he wakes up as early as 3 am to prepare for the food. He is one of the few who actually opens their stall as early as 6.30am.

He may looked very young but he is very determined to fulfil his destiny of success. He went thru various challenges and he is fortunate to have his loving wife, kids and parents by his side giving their endless support.

Oh,fyi…He does catering, events and deliveries too.

As we chat more,I cannot wait any longer. As he talked about the fresh ingredients in his Mee Siam,I was drooling buckets.I had to keep wiping them away with the tissues, discreetly. Then,I ordered one bowl of Mee Siam.

As I watched him does his “thing”…I can sense his love for his food. Every ingredient, is carefully prepared . He whipped up the Mee Siam within mere minutes. There were many colourful items. I even thought one of them looked like honey stars cereals from afar.

As he served me the hot and piping freshness….
I can smell the sourish tangy gravy. Mmmm…..
I twirl the noodles and immediately put them into my mouth…

The sourish, sweet and slightly saltishness of the taucho and fresh gerago prawns can be tasted almost immediately. You know that he is being very generous in this gravy goodness.

The noodles are soft. I was in a hurry that I had forgotten to squeeze the lime.I squeezed it and close my eyes..aaah….the fresh scent of squeezed lime.

I mixed them all up again….and there is a much better flavour.

It was so good, I was in my own element, my own world.
I had my fair share of tasting various Indian Mee Siam from all parts of Singapore.

And I have to say….

My tongue and tummy verdict:
If u think Waterloo Rojak’s Mee Siam is grade A, then this must be A Star…

If you think Geylang no.1 rojak ‘s Mee Siam is A, then this must be A star star.
All I can say is that…this is tops in my book for now.

I continued slurping the gorgeous Mee Siam…without caring about how messy my shirt looked like to the public nor the stains on my lips…

Aaah…this is so good…u have to taste it to believe it.

I eat it slow and steady…savouring every mouthful of gravy goodness.
Everything seems perfect.

Aah…this is one of the reason why I love to be a food blogger.

Abdullah Indian Mee Siam
Prawn Crackers
6am-11.30am daily.
Tekka Market Food Centre.
Little India MRT
Owner is the 4th generation of the Famous Rojak’s family.

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