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1/5/13 This stall is gone. Please refer to their main branch at Bedok Corner Food Centre (Bedok Food Centre, 1 Bedok Road).

Country: Singapore

What is al-Mandi Rice?

When I first heard about the name.. I was laughing my tummy off. I felt ticklish thinking that the food name was associated with the Malay word- “Mandi” which means -bathe/take a shower. I was imagining the rice to be soaked in gravy goodness but it was nothing like what I had imagined. *LOL

My first encounter with Mandi rice is during my recent Hajj Pilgrimage in 2011.

I was getting restless during one of the rainy weekends because I need to uncover more food of LOVE to motivate my tastebuds further in wanting to feel the excitement of food curiosity again.

And so I chanced upon Anna’s Café. It was situated in PKMS building where I used to have religious classes during my teens. And today I was here for my new hifz class at But I noticed in the past decades..that the stalls in this location kept on changing that I lost count of their specialities.

But today, as I was peering into this new place (Cos I have not been here for years) a man smiled at me asking …do u wanna try Nasi Mandi? I was stunned because I never heard that there is Nasi Mandi here (I have not updated my food directory in years). And true enough, I found out that they have just opened their second branch (here).And my lucky day was their second day in operation.

I was excited. I had a very good impression of the Nasi Mandi in Saudi Arabia. I can even remember the aromas of the hot and piping tender meats and its flavourful rice.

And so my expectations were quite high.

As they served me in a huge plate (do note they are very generous in their servings) which cost only $6.50 but can feed 2-3 persons at one time, I was in awe. The food looked so good, its calling my name.

And as I savour it, it was heavenly-yummy. Cooked with lots and loads of LOVE.

The rice is tasty…flavourful, cooked with spices (not spicy at all) and raisins with hints Saffron. The meat is so tender, succulent and juicy that I am so in LOVE. There were dips and sauces (yogurt too) that came with the rice. I also get to taste the chicken meat. Juicy ,grilled and marinated to perfection.

And then I decided to try their chicken kebab. It was so DELISH-the ingredients harmonise so well that it rekindled my TURKEY experience-savouring street food at the stroke of midnite. They even have a homemade somewhat sourish mayo to be eaten with the fries and the kebab, just like the “PATAT” in the Netherlands.

How can I not call this -the “FOOD of LOVE” when the food right in front of me, rekindled all my senses and especially my LOVE in these amazing countries.

And as I read the Malay newspaper article (pasted there) on their review of this stall in Bedok Corner.. I then understood why the owner has a “unique recipe” that totally blew me over and worked so well for the locals here… It was because the owner was born and bred in Mecca and his parents have a catering business there. And so he already has the expertise and experience of cooking such Meditteranean cuisine because its in his blood! *smiles

I did have a chance to talk to the owner. A friendly chap who can make his customers felt so at home.

So if you want to have a taste of the Yemen cuisine, come on down with your loved ones. Don’t come alone because the food is definitely huge for 1 person!

This is one of the foods that I can happily say-
My food of LOVE!

Feel the love in every grain of the rice and every morsel that you put in your mouth. It’s definitely worth your trip!

Thank you to Mr Mustafa Dumidae and Rasul for facilitating and welcoming us with your warmth and great customer service!

Contact Details:

First branch is still in Bedok Corner.

Location of 2nd branch:
Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice
Anna’s Cafe
218E Changi Road
PKMS Building (opposite Darul Aman Mosque in Eunos)
Opens daily 11am-10pm (Except Monday)
Phone: 98580265/ 96570296 (Mustafa Dumidae)

tip: Best eaten with your bare right me!

Pardon its quality, Im still learning..changing from WIN to MAC to and fro..

Disclaimer: Food featured are subject to my personal taste. I hold no responsibility for your body’s gastronomical adventure.All food shown are either from Halal-certified or Muslim owned establishments(with no liquour/alcoholic beverages unless otherwise stated).Do ensure that the Halal-certificates are up-to-date,renewed (not expired) and displayed promptly before ordering/consuming. If in doubt,always ask the staff with a smile.Remember: Use ur senses especially your heart.But mainly, ask your iman (faith).Our body,our responsibility, check its HALAL authenticity.

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