The “PAYA” saga begins…

For someone who has stayed in Little India for years, I felt like a traitor when my tongue declared the no.1 paya …was in Bukit timah area,years ago.

But then, thinking back, that was the first n only paya that I have ever tasted n (so pardon me )when I took that “virgin” attempt which resulted in  my mind being blown away (literally).

But recently, that interest was soon rekindled upon my closest having umpteen cravings of Paya which resulted in me tagging along for the “feast”… trotting along, slipping in n out of every nook n cranny…of Little India.

What can I say,
“Little India, You are one of my favorite “playgrounds”in the whole wide world! “… 

It’s where…
I play hide and seek..

its where
My spirits freshen up…

its where
My soul dances …
in the unexpected mazes..

its where my home is…

Cause that is where my heart is…


(To be continued….)

What’s for the upcoming Raya feast?
Potfulls of gelatinous Mutton Paya cooked to perfection, of course!

“Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri/ Eid Mubarak 
Maaf zahir dan batin dunia akhirat

May you enjoy this blessed month with loads of love, happyness n abundance with ur loved ones…and may….whatever u wished for, comes true for U!

Remember -EVERYTHING is definitely POSSIBLE!

P.s: Thank you to each and everyone of you, who passionately cooked or delivered (or both)all the yummilicious “iftar feast n sahoor” to my doorstep. Irregardless whether its a “taste-test”, food “critic” sessions or whatever…I am thankful cos they were one of my colourful experiences ever. No words can express my huge gratitude to your kind initiatives/”tasty experiments” and may all your dreams and wishes come true…easily n effortlessly..and May God reward you halal rezki in abundance..Amin.

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