Can the real Halal food blogger …please stand up?

Ok having trouble blogging. Probably cos the pipe is clogged…by the zillion words of priceless experiences of the world tour.

If words have legs on their own, I will unleash them and let them seek their own peace n happyness. I let them go.

And if my imagination have hands, I bet by now, there are many creatives picture n videos on the YouTube. Sadly, it’s all settling comfortably in the home drive.Ageing gracefully probably bearing ripen fruits by now.

There were many colourful experiences to share that I do not even know where to begin.

How about that pickpocket incident in Buenos Aires where I personally see a lady’s hand groping my bag(hidden by her denim jacket) in a subway whereas her elderly mate distracted our attention by being unusually crazy?

Or the fact that I totally ditched Jack Links cos Biltong is the ultimate jerk-y?

Or that i foolishly  blurted out loud that Evita Peron looked like she was eating burger in one of the tallest mural I’ve ever seen…when she was actually holding the mic ….

Or remnants of great wall was that it stink like pee?

Or the fact that I nearly hugged a dog that looked like a bear in one of the most awesome view overlooking the Yamdrok lake?

Or whispering sweet nothings to a Yak which I’m gonna ride and later found out that my lunch was set on one of its distant relative?

Or that melt-in-the-mouth tuna curry which consoles my departing soul as I was about to leave Maldives?

Or the fact that my Agra ‘s guide was also Bill Clinton’s guide when he was there?

Or probably the wedding reception in Cape Town that enable me to make a connection with one of Nelson Mandela’s dinner guest n basked in his experiences?

Or that gorgeous attorney flying to Dubai who sat beside me who turned out to be Maradona’s childhood friend?

Or the fact that I remember nothing at all…

When all blood, sweat n tears have been spent thru out the immigrations’ interrogations, internationally?

And all the upsets, my tummy gets… after consuming those “suspicious-looking” food that actually set my tongue on fire , jiggling in delight n pleasure in every bite?



Wait a minute.

Was it all just a dream?

Ok.Go back to sleep.

Until the day, I learn to unleash these smashingly splendid memories….
This blog shall stay true to its nature.

Meanwhile….u can check out these awesome local food bloggers….(some might be a lil abstract n may need Mummy’s permission.)

Not in any sequence….and Im not paid to list them here either… (one of the many few that has good updates) (world halal restaurants reviews) (Lucky gal who resides in Italy, now) (ask Mummy for permission first )

Is that all? Pardon my “constipated” list…
and for those sites which I had forgotten about, pardon me.
Why don’t u refresh my memory? 🙂

p.s: Oh well, I can always check out what my non-muslim foodie friends have eaten…
Dr Leslie
The Simplest Aphrodisiac

And more…

Thousand apologies cos I won’t be blogging about Ramadan promotions n stuff…cos I’m on a personal “mission statement”…probably hybernating on my past food rendezvous n chasing after my runaway hifz..

Have a blessed Ramadan!

In love & happyness always,

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6 thoughts on “Can the real Halal food blogger …please stand up?”

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  2. Salam sis,

    Thanks for putting up my blog in your list (the top even!).

    Just glad to share my food experiences. Most of what I eat are recommended by you initially, too.

    Hope tor read more updates on your blog! Can't wait for those 'international' ones!

  3. Makkah Market is one of the most trusted Halal Meat suppliers in the US that provides food permitted under the Islamic Dietary Guidelines with assurance of delightful flavor.
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