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Sometimes I blog in my sleep…

Is this some kind of foodie nightmare?

New environment, more open yet it’s class kinda stoop lower, more like a food court..
Probably I’m holding a grudge with the Filipino waiter who seems to have a bad day.
No smiles just impatient irritated gestures that’s
already taken my appetite away.

I wonder whether Cinderella keep tabs on her service staff.
I think some r there for the sake of free food benefits.
There are many n they looked tough
But none is fast on their feet.

Do not change tables, hissed the usher.
The first manly impression at the entrance.
It quickly wiped me off my feet n the weird look on my face.
As if I’m some merry go round customer who change tables at every whim.

The food arrived 20 minutes late,
It’s ok, we can wait, say my date.

The food appears untouched,very timidly
Stealing a glance at its new reality.
The cold kangkong salad stands aloof with its crunchiness
The marinated tempeh n tahu is soft yet slightly crunchy at its sides.
The fiery sambal spits it’s leftover anger at my tongue for some revenge.
I sip on the bitter iced tea for some consolation but to no effect.
This Tea when I swallowed it, some remnants kinda rise up to my nose, reminds me of the smell of one of the kandang/caged animal space in the Mandai zoo.
The crumbly bits r just decoration to coverup this tender chicken imperfections
The quarter chicken seems too much for my meagre rice but to asked for more, is like getting a whiplash from the waiter, or probably the hassle of queuing up again just to order in the midst of my meal.
The staff seems to be engrossed in their own world. Unruly remarks spat in Indonesian accent in self defence after they left the customers they have just served.

The new boneless fish is a new addition to the more picking, no more mess just for the hassle free type of customer who hates wearing a bip.The avocado drink seems to be a popular hit among the patrons, young or old.

I bid farewell to them as my tears are holding up these waterfalls.
Not of enmity of bitter feud but definitely the spicy chilli has gotten into the sentimental me.
I vowed never to return this wretchedly place,
But then when the craving kicks in,
I found myself helpless at the addiction of this hunger game,
The taunting of its chilli paste kept beckoning ,
its evilish arms waving wildly,
With raspy shrieky voice calling
….out my name.

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