27 countries within 16months..

Alhamdulillah 3x!!!

Its good to be home.

Thank u so much for the overflowing letters of colourful sorts(y’all r so creative!!)
Buckets of tears not only flow this face but also ur words have an empowering effect on me.

Im gonna rest fully n then I shall passionately attend to each n every letters n reply personally, insyaAllah.

Nevertheless thank u everyone for this continuous motivational support!!

As for this dream of travelling the world, the experience is definitely priceless!

Go n make ur dreams come true…if u do not know how, just focus on it positively n insyaAllah theHow will appear somehow.

Anything is possible.Believe and have faith.


(pardon the errors,Im a beginner…all over again *grins)

Don’t forget….change is GOOD.Join me…

p.s: Fyi-if u r wondering (the pic above), those are not noodles, they are intestines…YUM!

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