WHQ World Tour-Brazil: Obrigado!

I have never imagined myself being in the Southern America. The closest I was to seeing it come alive was from the RIO-cartoony movie. It was so good that it became my visualisation image whenever I think about Brazil.

The journey here was a long one. Luckily, I had 3 seats to myself and so I was able to sleep (not deeply though) and rest my jet-laggy spinning limbs.

One of my awesomest moment was when I saw the rainbow from above. Reaching Brazil, there was a rainbow and it was my first time seeing it from above. I read that if u can see closely, u can see the whole full circle of rainbow. Tried as hard as I might, enlarging my pupils ….I cannot see the full circle (does that even mean anything?)

But to actually see the full-semicircle was great enough. So much so, my jaws were opened the entire time and I forgot my camera. So, this is one of those private moments…I get to cherish…on my own.

The view was gorgeous. One of the most densely populated areas I’ve ever seen….
And it was so amazing…the hues of blues and greens and the sky, plus the sun….WOW!
That is why, I seldom exchange my window seat (no matter how hard or how much u try to bribe me, I wont budge..hehe..)

Anyway, got a lil mixed up…I was supposed to stop at Buenos Aires ,but I did not know that they did a lil stop at Rio. And so instead of changing the planes and all that, I decided to stop at Rio, period. Cut to the chase…and I reach earlier than expected. But its gonna be perfect…

But trouble brew when I wanted to leave Rio for BA cos they remove me from the list completely. *sigh… Oh well, that is another story, to be told someday…insya-Allah.

Note: This is one of the new routes that Emirates recently launched. And so we are the first few to experience it.

We have to fill up the immigration form. They do not have the English version and so I had to fill up the Portuguese one. Luckily, there was a Malaysian stewardess (offduty) who went her way to help us all and we kinda get to know one another (the passengers). The plane was not that full, so it was kinda cosy.

Tip: Emirates Food (particularly the meat )from RIO is so good!! And from Dubai too..the grilled shish kebab…OMG.

I wonder what adventure awaits me in Rio?
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