WHQ World Tour-Argentina: Buenos Aires

There are many ways to navigate thru the South America. I have a dream of going thru it by land, one day insya-Allah…Checking out every nook and cranny…

But for now, this will suffice, alhamdulillah.

The currency exchange thingy is kinda tricky. Tourists are advised to change money in banks or airports or u can just use ur card in any of the atms in Buenos Aires. Whatever money exchanged or retrieved, please keep the receipts in order to change it back in Argentina, before heading home.

I guess, this is to minimise the risk of getting counterfiet money.
The locals prefer American money…than the local currency.
Tip: If possible, bring both Mastercard and Visa. Some cards work in some establishments while some are preferred more than the other…especially banks and hotels.
From what I heard about the locals (thks Gerardo!) I guess, they are similar to us-City dwellers.. work, stress, money..but they have fine artistic senses when it comes to art, dance (tango) and not forgetting nifty footwork in football…

Similar to the brazilians, the locals are very much intrigued by my dressing and religion. Everywhere we go (I met some muslim sisters here from various countries in South America) , they asked where our origin are and our religion. Often, we chat and exchange facts about our religions and then we direct them to the biggest mosque here-they wanted to know so much about Islam and seems fascinated by its beauty. We are like Islam ambassadors.

And if you are shoes lover like me(I’m a hardcore fan of boots) ,please be ready to go SHOPPING!!! Cos they have like tons and tons of shops selling great boots and shoes. BA men often wonder why do women need so many shoes??
P.s: I met Maradona’s childhood friend in the plane upon flying to Dubai. She was holidaying with her mate and was thinking of meeting him (Maradona) in Dubai.I wished I had more time, or I can join her… *Sigh
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