Rio Pray- Mesquita Da Luz

Reverts/converts n the born-Muslims…

Location: Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana do Rio de Janeiro
Rua Gonzaga Bastos 77, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.
Telefone: (021) 2224-1079.

This mosque is still undergoing construction…
1st floor is completed..with proper toilets and ablution areas (separate for males and females)

I asked the President: when will it be completed?
When the funds (donations) come in, sufficient to pay for the completion.

So what are you waiting for?
Here is one way you can book an express ticket to Jannah, funding a mosque in Rio. Fyi-This is the only mosque there.

I came twice to this mosque.
First day, I met the President and a brother.
I was in a rush so I did not get much info.
But the next day, I come again…and there were more brothers…
One of them was Brother Idriss from Africa.
He took the time to answer all my questions from A-Z.
I asked whether there were any Halal eateries in Rio?
And they said-None.
But why, when there are many frozen products which are halal sold internationally?
Well, for these I heard many cospiracy theories… it’s similar to why the A grade durians are sold to Singapore and the second best are left behind in Malaysia…something like that. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any of these theories but it’s sad…
Cos if you export so many Halal products especially meat, won’t u leave any for ur own countrymen?
If they wanna eat chicken, often they either slaughter the live chickens themselves or they can ask someone to order (connections with butchers) or they just eat fish and seafood.
Most of the Brazilian Muslims stay in Sao Paolo where there are bigger muslim population and there are more mosques and also Halal restaurants.
And I heard that most of the Muslims (Aside from the migrants from Arab countries and others like India etc…) are converts. And this happens when a documentary about Islam was shown on TV years ago…and it became a phenomenon overnight…
Coincidentally as I was chatting with Bro Idriss, I found out that we both had gone to Hajj, last year,( the same year…but we never met ,even if we did, we might not have noticed one another cos there were gazillions of people there). And then we chat about Haj and stuff…
He showed and infected me with his passion for Islam and education and wished to travel to Malaysia and Singapore,insya-Allah…some day. I dua for his wish to come true and encourage them all to visit Singapore and Malaysia.
I was very fortunate to have met them.
I have always been fascinated to hear stories of reverts/converts cos their journey is often spiritually enlightened unlike us-born muslims who often take our religion for granted.(Im referring to myself)
More info on the local Muslims?
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