Thank you for 4 great years!!!


Is this the end of ? What is ur opinion on that?Or do u have ur own colourful idea about WHQ’s future? Now is the time to talk back,voice out from the heart of hearts.

U can write/comment motivationally abt WHQ’s past history or u can built castles in the air abt WHQ next step or if u prefer it to end, state ur reasons (I am open to positive criticisms). Just let it all out! Write to me personally(dont worry, only I have the key to the mailbox :))

Mail it to:

World Halal Quest,
Kitchener Road Post Office,
PO BOX 116,
Singapore 912004.

Alhamdulillah 3X!!!. Thank you for supporting me all these years. Insya-Allah, with your neverending motivational support and bottomless appetites (mine especially!), all these are possible:

1)Halal Food & Beverage Magazine – March 2008

2)Manja Magazine -March 2009

3)Makan Lobang Digest -April 2009

4)Was invited on TV program (Local)-FYI show

5)June 2009-participate in a pilot video project (Mustafa Centre,Rumah Makan Minang, Khan Restaurant, Sultan Mosque, Lt India, Chinatown etc

6)8th August 2009 Insya-Allah my photos are featured in a TV program in San Diego,USA.(Cox Channel 23, 8.8.09 Saturday 8.30am)

7)20th September 2009 – Published a book: Unofficial guide to Halal food places Singapore

8)Berita Harian -21st January 2010 (2pages)

9)Berita Minggu :On 18th April 2010 (Sunday)… & before Ramadan 2010 -2 food reviews published

10)Partnering with a popular worldwide muslim site (Finland).

11)August 2010-Partnering with National Heritage Board for the Imprint series.

12)August/September 2010: Ramadan series with collaborations with many well-known yummilicious HALAL Restaurants and not forgetting the abundant contest and delicious prizes.

13)On 18.9.2010, Worldhalalquest goes mobile! (iphone app)

14) March 28 , 2011 Partnering link with:

15) Sept 2011, OKTO channel. TV SHOW: Foodage

16)WHQ World Tour


My intentions are beyond my imagination but insyaAllah one by one is coming true, alhamdulillah!

Remember: Anything is possible, believe and have faith, insya-Allah it will come true! *wink

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