Thank you for 4 great years!


In my Quest for Halal food (or in my real personal life) , I believe I would have “stepped on people’s feet” accidentally , pinch their noses/food, or create some “turbulences” in some tummies…and some may mention jobs (esp those in food businesses)..and my words/opinions might be “hazardous” to your life/health..etc….or u may just like /hate me with no reason at all etc….whatever it is, I have done in error or not ,intentionally or not…..

I, Lina Masrina Binte Masroom aka Putri Berendam (founder of WHQ & apologises for everything (in WHQ & personal life) and seek your personal forgiveness. Although seeking forgiveness seems like a “ritual” before departing for Hajj, I am sincere in seeking and asking forgiveness from each and everyone of you to forgive me dunia and akhirat /this life and hereafter (for whatever reasons it may be). I AM SORRY.

And I too, have forgiven everyone and anyone (including myself) dunia and akhirat.

I LOVE YOU (and me too!)

May we all be dwellers of Jannatul Firdaus.amin. And May all the Hajj pilgrims this year, past years and future years get Hajj mabrur and may Allah s.w.t ease all our journey in this life and hereafter.amin.

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